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I've got a pair of current events to share today.

The first involves US Congressman Mark Foley. This West Palm Beach representative was co-chairman of the congressional caucus on missing and exploited children. He personally wrote some of the laws in place today for prosecuting pedophiles. Turns out the laws he wrote my well be used to prosecute his own pederasty. He was recently exposed by one of his "pages" (high school aged intern) for what can be described as "inappropriate IMing." There's pages and pages of IM transcripts available online where Mr. Foley asks this 16 year old intern questions regarding masturbation, his cock size, hand jobs, and admitting to the kid that he's fantasizing about him, while sporting wood. This is a 6-term Congressman elected to protect the youth of America.

Story @ BBC.co.uk
Story @ BBC.co.uk

The second is a Prohibition on Online Gambling that was snuck onto the tail end of a Port Security Bill. This passed, people. The gist of the Prohibition is that it bans us from using credit cards to gamble online, it bans credit card companies from making payments to gambling sites, and it bans your bank from either depositing money to or withdrawing money from gambling sites. Here's a bunch of links about it all:

Sydney Morning Herald
Telecom Web

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David Press said...

"Eight year olds, Dude." That's all I have to say to the senator.

As far as online gambling I could honestly not give a rat's ass about that. I don't gamble, I think its stupid to blow your money on gambling, I'd rather be a cocaine addict then be addicted to gambling. Honestly, I think it's doing us a favor.