FINALLY! Some new Pics!

Here's some pics from the last 2 months or so. It includes our Tyrants gig at Martini Blues, My house sitting in HB, on line for the Wii, and various other things.


My first public appearance in my Utilikilt

Me, playing. I love this one. A little dark, tho.

Dave's Candy-Vision™

The dog I dealt with when I house sat.

Guess what I'm about to eat.

Eric's newest pet

Barb, outside the Sugar Shack

A nice one at the Spectrum, before "Borat"

My Wii Ticket!!!

A Sharpei sculpture from my Uncle's on Thanksgiving:


Sick, thanks to Nintendo and my own stupidity.

It looks like I've being punished for putting myself through the cold of camping outside Target Saturday night. I wish I had the foresight to bring an air mattress and an honest-to-goodness sleeping bag. Sunday, my throat was sore, and talking was a dumb idea. Since Monday, I've had the cold from Hell. Nose running, chest congested, achy, stuffy, cough-y, but the throat's been fine. Today, Wednesday, three days past Sunday, I'm still sick, though I'm less miserable than I have been. I've cancelled all my lessons, and I've been debating whether or not to go to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (which would be incredibly depressing). I've been convalescing with the aid of spicy, spicy pho, copious amounts of cran-grape juice, and lots and lots of Wii. I bought Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii, since my online order for it hasn't come in the mail yet. It's immense fun. If you own or are planning to own a Wii, buy this game. There's something mildly therapeutic about slashing enemies by physically slashing with your controller. I've already finished two boss battles (which are amazing), and I can't wait to see what else this game has to offer.

Also, I beat my brother's ass today on Wii Golf.



Last night Eric, Ryan, and I camped out in front of Target for a Nintendo Wii. It was fun. Time went by fast, but it was colder than balls, and we didn't plan on that... But Target had 81 systems, and I was #55. Hahahahaha! I'm playing it now. It's fun. Pics from last night to come.


Cluster Fuck. Then 8-Ball.

That's how work was last night. Kathy Griffin was at the performing arts center, and we got bombed by all these Griffin-style fag hags wanting to come in and get some eats. It was a mess. Kitchen was fucking up, bar was taking 15 minutes to make drink orders, and one of my tables just kept adding people. Was fucked. The end of the night was good, tho I didn't get out of there til 1130 (we close at 10).

There's this bar in Costa Mesa called "The Huddle" that I went to have a couple of beers at with some coworkers. We played this stupid ass game of pool called "cutthroat." Instead of Stripes vs. Solids, each guy lays claim to a set of 5 balls, 1-5/6-10/11-15, and you're trying to knock in everyone elses before yours get knocked in. Lame.

After our first game, this old cowboy (literally) came over to challenge someone to 8-Ball. No one stepped up, so I did. I ran the table out right away. Chris and Eric, you would be proud. 2 stripes on the break, then 3 more in while the cowboy still had 7 on the table. It ended up being a close game, but I made some amazing shots. I had my coworkers (and the cowboy) surprised at the shots I was making. I won. I saved the table. It was a good game.


A few _________ links

I've come across a few... interesting sites lately, and I've been wanting to share 'em all. Some are NSFW (not safe for work), so I'll make sure I point those out. Here we go:

Ever wondered what child-actor Kirk Cameron is up to now?

For the urban vandal who has everthing (I want one, btw):

My next TV:

From here on out, everything's NSFW.

From here on out, everything's NSFW.

From here on out, everything's NSFW.

From here on out, everything's NSFW.

Now that you've been adequately warned...

I met this chick at Comic-Con... rather I paid $5 to have my picture taken with her.
Tiffany Taylor, Miss November 1998

Has someone made a sex reference that's gone way over your head? Ever been in an Alligator Fuck House? I haven't.
Encyclopedia of Sex

And for those interested in the beautiful, the grotesque, the different, there's a great blog that features only pictures of people with body modifications. I check it at least every other day. There's a lot of skin suspension, tattoos, and piercings. Though you will run across a LOT of nudity, and the occasional intentionally, heavily "modified" genitalia. Not for the weak hearted.
BME Modblog

Check this link for the new Tenacious D movie



"Hey Jeff! What's your Wednesday lookin' like?"

I'm glad you asked that question. Is gud. I woke up and watched a little TPIR. Got to enjoy a little Bob Barker before my daily dose of DS9. I didn't pay much attention, tho. And that hack they got to replace Announcer Rod Roddy when he died, infuriates me. It's like he's doing a bad impression of the dead guy, spinning in his grave.

After TPIR, I was thinking about the future, and I checked out the CSU Fullerton Music Ed. site to look at their requirements for a degree (Masters or Bachelors) in Music Education. It's looking like they don't take (or prefer) Music Ed. grad students who don't have actual teaching experience, and I dunno if lessons and subbing counts. So I might join the ranks of Ryan and become Captain Second-Bachelors-Degree! On the upside, I think the CA teachers payscale pays more, not only for how many degrees you've earned, but for how many units/credits you have over your required minimum. I think I'm somewhere in the neighborhood of 60+ units over the 180 necessary to have graduated from UCI. Anyway, I emailed their Music Ed. department, and am waiting for return correspondence.

Then it was time to get my ass dressed and beg for a job. A new hire at Z's (Aaron) has a night job at Ruth's Chris Steak House, where he says he makes $300+ a night, as a trainer/lead server. When I first trained him, I joke: "Are you hiring?" He says maybe, then asks if I'm interested. "We'll see," I sez. Well, it's been 4 weeks since I've trained Aaron, and I've really been let down at work. Not by him, but by the situation. I was burnt out when I left 2 years (or so) ago, and now the standards aren't as high as I remember. Plus, the $500 a week I figured I'd be making is ending up to be $300-$350. Thankfully I have paychecks too, and at least $120 a week from lessons. But. The guy convinced me to go in for an interview today, and I spoke briefly with a manager. It was a little intense, but the guy was cool. He said they might call me back for a second interview, since I was referred (and recommended) by Aaron, who apprently is held in high esteem by his coworkers over there.

Of course I bought comics today, it being Wednesday and all. There were some gems this week, but my list is as follows:

  • New Avengers #25: This book is fucking BORING now. It centers on Iron Man and how he's such a douche with this Superhero Registration Act. I don't even care about what else happened. I really need to stop buying this title. I used to have such faith in Brian Michael Bendis, too...

  • Civil War #5: Remember when Spider-Man was in the news cause he unmasked himself in the comics? Of course you don't. Well, this is the story that it was part of. And it's taking forever to come out. It's altogether good. Not great.

  • Green Lantern Corps #6: This one's pretty good. If it's Green Lantern, you know I'll buy it. It's got some good characters in it, tho. Character dev's been pretty good so far. Except for Guy Gardener. I hate that guy.

  • The Escapists #5: The only non-Superhero book on my list, and probably the most accessible to any of you non-comic readers. It's about a guy and his friends who make a comic about a character called "The Escapist" from Michael Chabon's novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

  • Astonishing X-Men #18: Written by Buffy The Vampire Slayer scribe, Joss Whedon, this has got to be one of the most fucked up/convoluted X-Men storylines, since Morrison. I love it.

  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #36: Marvel's most underrated team book. I've loved this since Issue #1. It's been top notch through the handful of different creative teams it's had, and it's just better and better. As good as he is, it's nice that someone I've never heard of is writing better than that last guy that was i the title (who was pretty good).

Two bone lessons tonight. They were good.

Back at home, I grab some eats and a little TV. I start writing this blog at 1030, and at 11, Good Eats comes on. It's the (new?) Fried Turkey episode. Alton Brown is a genius. And I get sidetracked from this for 30 minutes, minus commercial breaks.

Then I get an IM from Eric. We're buying Wii's this weekend. I had to preorder games and have 'em shipped. Another 15 minutes wayleid, but I ordered Zelda and Tony Hawk.

I was gonna read Crime and Punishment. I guess Dostoevsky isn't gonna get his fair share tonight. It's late. Commence the jigglin'.

And before I go, some of you have been bitching about my lack of fresh beer reviews. By Saturday, I'll have new material. I promise!


If only this worked as a banner...

Where I've been this week, or "Mind-arrhea"

I've done a bit this last week or so. I should've blogged. I didn't. I'm sorry to hurt you, babies.

Starting with last Sunday, I saw Borat. High Five! This movie was fucking hilarious, and like the rest of America, I can't stop quoting Borat-isms. Now, it's not the best movie out there, but it certainly is one of the funniest. There's so much subversive shit in that movie. If you're looking to laugh uncontrollably for 90 minutes, then two days later get hit with all the unbelievable shit that's said by unsuspecting people, give Borat a chance.

I had rehearsal last Thursday night, with the Yorba Linda Community Orchestra. I've been sitting in on the second trombone part, at the behest of my adult student, who plays third. It's turning into somewhat of a second lesson, more in rehearsal etiquette, which I don't mind. I feel like a nag sometimes, pointing out that he's coming in late, playing a rhythm wrong, or writing in a wrong position, but he seems to appreciate it if he's having trouble. What's bothering me about the rehearsals is the old guy that plays first trombone. He's terrible. Without getting into too much musical detail, he's a sloppy player, and won't tighten his playing up for orchestra. And as secion leader, one would think he's got some musical knowledge. We're playing Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite (1891), and this guy starts bitching about "damn foreigners" when he can't understand what the music is asking him to do (since musical notation is in Italian (mostly)). So I tell him what it means, and he continues to bitch. Then the bassoonist asks a question about what to play, since she's the only bassoon player. Old Guy says "Well, I've got a bassoon part right here, should I play it?" holding up the Trombone Basso (Bass Trombone) part. I tell him he doesn't, and he looks at me stone faced and says "yes I do, it says Basso. I said "it says 'Trombone Basso;' It means 'Bass Trombone' in Italian." And this guy barely got it. I'm over him, but the group is still fun. We'll see if I stay in it past the Dec 2 concert.

Blackpoint Comics seems to be a hit. I've been getting contacted by people wanting to contribute. If you're interested and you're reading this, know that we're not pairing up writers and artists. It's up to creative teams to come together and work together. We're gonna get a forum going for creators to meet and greet. Stay patient. Stay Tuned.

Friday night, I went to Kevin's, and hung with Ryan. Later Friday night, I went to Barbie's and stayed the night.

Saturday night, I went out to a Cancer Dance-A-Thon that my friend Neil was dancing in. It was cool. I sat on my ass, but Neil was a dancing fool. I met a few people, and talked about comics the whole night, without initiating the topic.

Today, Monday, I'm planning on spending a fair part of the day at Commerce Casino. Either that, or it's PS2 all day.


Blackpoint Comics™!

Kevin and I have been kicking this idea around for a little while now, about starting a comic book 'magazine' which gives unpublished & amateur comic creators a chance to get published, and allows established comic creators to tell the stories they've been unable to tell. Well, we got our shit together, and we're pleased to annouce the arrival of Blackpoint Comics™!!! Kevin publishes, through R)V Press, a poetry magazine solely made from submissions by poetry writers, called Re)Verb, and he asked me if there's anything like this for comics, and as far as I know, there isn't. Aside from self-publishing. So for the last couple of months, we've been banging out the concept for a comic filled with the material of comic creators, novice and pro.

On Brian K. Vaughan's forum, Vaughan's stated that, for legal reasons, he can't read anyone's unpublished work. I'd imagine all comic creators will say the same thing. So what's an unpublished creator to do if they have great work, but no one to show it to because they're unpublished? That's where we come in. We like it, we publish it, share it with the world, and you can take your published work to anyone who'll read it. Everyone's happy. I know there's creators out there (like a certain Emperor who visits here every so often) who come up with short, stand alone works, that are hell to publish, because they're not full comic book length (1-12 pages, for example). Blackpoint Comics is designed for stories like that.

I can't wait to get enough content to put this out. I'm the editor, too, so I get to read all this great work that'll be coming in.

If anyone has any thoughts about this, hit me with 'em. Leave a comment, or email me at BlackpointComics AT gmail DOT com

If you read this and want to submit, check out our submission guidelines

Also, I started a Blackpoint Comics MySpace


Did you vote today? I did.

I was pissed when I went into this election. I brought a lot of bias to the ballot box today. I won't say why I voted against certain people, but it might take a lot of people by surprise. I wrote in on a few votes with "None Of The Above," including for the office of Governor. Schwarzenegger sucks. Angelides sucks. And fuck the Green and Peace & Freedom parties. I wrote myself in for 42nd District Representative. And I stayed away from most candidates with "Republican" or "Democrat." And I voted against banning gambling in Orange County. We'll see how it all unfolds tomorrow.


I'm back in business, bitches!

After 4 weeks and a day of waiting for my goddamn computer, it's finished and in my possession. Expect some new pics and way more posts than I've posted in the last month.

Before I get off this thing for now, I'd like to not recommend taking your computer to L.A. Computer Company, in Anaheim. They have the worst, slowest, most passive techs when it comes to getting your shit taken care of. 4 weeks for a logic board, and a bottom casing which the tech broke himself (but paid for). $1200+ in parts, btw, which cost me nothing. This is why we buy Apple Care.


This Friday. Huntington Beach. Come on out.

As some of you know, I'm house sitting for my parents' friends in Huntington Beach. Well this Friday is the night it all goes down. Come on out, and we'll do some drinking here, then out to a little local food, and then some more drinkin'. Be there or be square. And call me if you're down.