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Kevin and I have been kicking this idea around for a little while now, about starting a comic book 'magazine' which gives unpublished & amateur comic creators a chance to get published, and allows established comic creators to tell the stories they've been unable to tell. Well, we got our shit together, and we're pleased to annouce the arrival of Blackpoint Comics™!!! Kevin publishes, through R)V Press, a poetry magazine solely made from submissions by poetry writers, called Re)Verb, and he asked me if there's anything like this for comics, and as far as I know, there isn't. Aside from self-publishing. So for the last couple of months, we've been banging out the concept for a comic filled with the material of comic creators, novice and pro.

On Brian K. Vaughan's forum, Vaughan's stated that, for legal reasons, he can't read anyone's unpublished work. I'd imagine all comic creators will say the same thing. So what's an unpublished creator to do if they have great work, but no one to show it to because they're unpublished? That's where we come in. We like it, we publish it, share it with the world, and you can take your published work to anyone who'll read it. Everyone's happy. I know there's creators out there (like a certain Emperor who visits here every so often) who come up with short, stand alone works, that are hell to publish, because they're not full comic book length (1-12 pages, for example). Blackpoint Comics is designed for stories like that.

I can't wait to get enough content to put this out. I'm the editor, too, so I get to read all this great work that'll be coming in.

If anyone has any thoughts about this, hit me with 'em. Leave a comment, or email me at BlackpointComics AT gmail DOT com

If you read this and want to submit, check out our submission guidelines

Also, I started a Blackpoint Comics MySpace

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Lovin' it. This is gonna be great, man.