Did you vote today? I did.

I was pissed when I went into this election. I brought a lot of bias to the ballot box today. I won't say why I voted against certain people, but it might take a lot of people by surprise. I wrote in on a few votes with "None Of The Above," including for the office of Governor. Schwarzenegger sucks. Angelides sucks. And fuck the Green and Peace & Freedom parties. I wrote myself in for 42nd District Representative. And I stayed away from most candidates with "Republican" or "Democrat." And I voted against banning gambling in Orange County. We'll see how it all unfolds tomorrow.


KPL said...

What's this voting thing you speak of? Someone was telling me it was about "having a voice" and that "every vote counts." Oh, how silly.

Kevin Sole said...

I didn't vote.


"Mr. Rost" said...

Oops. Forgot. Moved. Apathetic this year.