"Hey Jeff! What's your Wednesday lookin' like?"

I'm glad you asked that question. Is gud. I woke up and watched a little TPIR. Got to enjoy a little Bob Barker before my daily dose of DS9. I didn't pay much attention, tho. And that hack they got to replace Announcer Rod Roddy when he died, infuriates me. It's like he's doing a bad impression of the dead guy, spinning in his grave.

After TPIR, I was thinking about the future, and I checked out the CSU Fullerton Music Ed. site to look at their requirements for a degree (Masters or Bachelors) in Music Education. It's looking like they don't take (or prefer) Music Ed. grad students who don't have actual teaching experience, and I dunno if lessons and subbing counts. So I might join the ranks of Ryan and become Captain Second-Bachelors-Degree! On the upside, I think the CA teachers payscale pays more, not only for how many degrees you've earned, but for how many units/credits you have over your required minimum. I think I'm somewhere in the neighborhood of 60+ units over the 180 necessary to have graduated from UCI. Anyway, I emailed their Music Ed. department, and am waiting for return correspondence.

Then it was time to get my ass dressed and beg for a job. A new hire at Z's (Aaron) has a night job at Ruth's Chris Steak House, where he says he makes $300+ a night, as a trainer/lead server. When I first trained him, I joke: "Are you hiring?" He says maybe, then asks if I'm interested. "We'll see," I sez. Well, it's been 4 weeks since I've trained Aaron, and I've really been let down at work. Not by him, but by the situation. I was burnt out when I left 2 years (or so) ago, and now the standards aren't as high as I remember. Plus, the $500 a week I figured I'd be making is ending up to be $300-$350. Thankfully I have paychecks too, and at least $120 a week from lessons. But. The guy convinced me to go in for an interview today, and I spoke briefly with a manager. It was a little intense, but the guy was cool. He said they might call me back for a second interview, since I was referred (and recommended) by Aaron, who apprently is held in high esteem by his coworkers over there.

Of course I bought comics today, it being Wednesday and all. There were some gems this week, but my list is as follows:

  • New Avengers #25: This book is fucking BORING now. It centers on Iron Man and how he's such a douche with this Superhero Registration Act. I don't even care about what else happened. I really need to stop buying this title. I used to have such faith in Brian Michael Bendis, too...

  • Civil War #5: Remember when Spider-Man was in the news cause he unmasked himself in the comics? Of course you don't. Well, this is the story that it was part of. And it's taking forever to come out. It's altogether good. Not great.

  • Green Lantern Corps #6: This one's pretty good. If it's Green Lantern, you know I'll buy it. It's got some good characters in it, tho. Character dev's been pretty good so far. Except for Guy Gardener. I hate that guy.

  • The Escapists #5: The only non-Superhero book on my list, and probably the most accessible to any of you non-comic readers. It's about a guy and his friends who make a comic about a character called "The Escapist" from Michael Chabon's novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

  • Astonishing X-Men #18: Written by Buffy The Vampire Slayer scribe, Joss Whedon, this has got to be one of the most fucked up/convoluted X-Men storylines, since Morrison. I love it.

  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #36: Marvel's most underrated team book. I've loved this since Issue #1. It's been top notch through the handful of different creative teams it's had, and it's just better and better. As good as he is, it's nice that someone I've never heard of is writing better than that last guy that was i the title (who was pretty good).

Two bone lessons tonight. They were good.

Back at home, I grab some eats and a little TV. I start writing this blog at 1030, and at 11, Good Eats comes on. It's the (new?) Fried Turkey episode. Alton Brown is a genius. And I get sidetracked from this for 30 minutes, minus commercial breaks.

Then I get an IM from Eric. We're buying Wii's this weekend. I had to preorder games and have 'em shipped. Another 15 minutes wayleid, but I ordered Zelda and Tony Hawk.

I was gonna read Crime and Punishment. I guess Dostoevsky isn't gonna get his fair share tonight. It's late. Commence the jigglin'.

And before I go, some of you have been bitching about my lack of fresh beer reviews. By Saturday, I'll have new material. I promise!


DavePress said...

I can't stand the Fantastic Four, but I have to say I really grew on this series when Millar and Land were on it. The rest of the series was, "meh."

I like Green Lantern Corps., it feels like Law and Order but a space opera. It's good fun.

JQ said...

amazing your got tony hawk. that makes me proud