Where I've been this week, or "Mind-arrhea"

I've done a bit this last week or so. I should've blogged. I didn't. I'm sorry to hurt you, babies.

Starting with last Sunday, I saw Borat. High Five! This movie was fucking hilarious, and like the rest of America, I can't stop quoting Borat-isms. Now, it's not the best movie out there, but it certainly is one of the funniest. There's so much subversive shit in that movie. If you're looking to laugh uncontrollably for 90 minutes, then two days later get hit with all the unbelievable shit that's said by unsuspecting people, give Borat a chance.

I had rehearsal last Thursday night, with the Yorba Linda Community Orchestra. I've been sitting in on the second trombone part, at the behest of my adult student, who plays third. It's turning into somewhat of a second lesson, more in rehearsal etiquette, which I don't mind. I feel like a nag sometimes, pointing out that he's coming in late, playing a rhythm wrong, or writing in a wrong position, but he seems to appreciate it if he's having trouble. What's bothering me about the rehearsals is the old guy that plays first trombone. He's terrible. Without getting into too much musical detail, he's a sloppy player, and won't tighten his playing up for orchestra. And as secion leader, one would think he's got some musical knowledge. We're playing Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite (1891), and this guy starts bitching about "damn foreigners" when he can't understand what the music is asking him to do (since musical notation is in Italian (mostly)). So I tell him what it means, and he continues to bitch. Then the bassoonist asks a question about what to play, since she's the only bassoon player. Old Guy says "Well, I've got a bassoon part right here, should I play it?" holding up the Trombone Basso (Bass Trombone) part. I tell him he doesn't, and he looks at me stone faced and says "yes I do, it says Basso. I said "it says 'Trombone Basso;' It means 'Bass Trombone' in Italian." And this guy barely got it. I'm over him, but the group is still fun. We'll see if I stay in it past the Dec 2 concert.

Blackpoint Comics seems to be a hit. I've been getting contacted by people wanting to contribute. If you're interested and you're reading this, know that we're not pairing up writers and artists. It's up to creative teams to come together and work together. We're gonna get a forum going for creators to meet and greet. Stay patient. Stay Tuned.

Friday night, I went to Kevin's, and hung with Ryan. Later Friday night, I went to Barbie's and stayed the night.

Saturday night, I went out to a Cancer Dance-A-Thon that my friend Neil was dancing in. It was cool. I sat on my ass, but Neil was a dancing fool. I met a few people, and talked about comics the whole night, without initiating the topic.

Today, Monday, I'm planning on spending a fair part of the day at Commerce Casino. Either that, or it's PS2 all day.

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KPL said...

I haven't seen Borat yet, but I will. I have this weird feeling that I will be the only person in the world with my type of humor sensibilities that might actually not like the "movie." We'll see. I couldn't deal with the Ali G show . . .or whatever it was called.

Anyway, it was good hangin' the other night. You , me, Ryan, beer . . . good times!