Crazy Dream

It started out plain enough. We went to a neighbor's house for a party of sorts for my mom's colleague. But the more the dream progressed, the more drunk people got. I went out to the garage fridge for a beer, and saw someone crawling inside it. I went to check it out, and there was a room inside the fridge they were crawling into (cause there were shelves in the fridge. Like, with a table, chairs, and a fridge of it's own. As the dream progressed, the room got bigger, and it opened up into a secret/hidden room inside the house. And everyone for the party was there in the fridge.

Then Jason Statham showed up. He came with his family, in some classic/hot rod car I'm not even sure exists in real life. We talked cars, and then we drank beer. Another friend joined the mix at some point. I got a call from a friend (I think it was Megan), and Jason Statham and the other friend kept yelling at the phone, so I had to end the call. Once off, I commented how much I enjoyed his films, especially "Snatch." One of us got the bright (yet drunk) idea for him to act like his characters do in the movies. Loud, vulgar, angry. So he starts yelling things like "bollocks" and other British swears I can't remember. The weird thing was once he started, he went there 100%. Yelling at people, hitting things, and getting in faces. He ruined the party, and I felt kinda responsible, cause he kept looking back at me and saying "that was good, eh?" Or "oi, watch this." So someone called the police, I think. All I remember was that someone had the foresight to take the shelves out of the fridge so people didn't have to crawl to leave the party. I think I walked home.

The End.

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