Ebenezer Scrooge, you may want to look away.

Remember how I said we at Z'Tejas were adopting a children's shelter for Xmas? Well, there was a little write up in Costa Mesa's local paper, Daily Pilot, that mentioned our efforts. There was a picture, too.

Can you tell who that is is the beard & wig?

That was a great day. We brought a lot of joy to a bunch of kids who would otherwise have had none. And can you believe the name on that little one in the pic? not only is his name "Little Timmy," it's also "Saint Nick." Can't get any more 'Xmas' than that.

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KPL said...

I'm so calling the Daily Pilot.

"Yeah Mr. Daily Pilot guy . . . did you know that Santa is Jewish? Yeah, sorta like Jesus." No, no . . .no plans on killin' Santa.

I love you Jeffrey.