Friday Dec. 15, 630a

I hope all of you took the time to read my post about Adam's father, David Boone, and that he's missing. It's now a week after he's disappeared, and Adam is planning a search party for Friday, Dec. 15 at 630a. I am part of that search party. I'm putting the word out in hopes that some of my friends and local readers will give of their sleep/free time that morning and join me in the search party that day. I've taken the day off work, and I intend to be doing all I can, all day. I don't know how long it will take, but I'm pretty certain once dusk hits, that'll be the end. If you can't help, I understand. But if you're healthy and aren't doing anything at all, please find it in your hearts to join the search.

From Adam:

630. Fri. morning.

Walmart parking lot.

26502 town centre drive.

Foothill ranch. 92610.

We will be walking thru bushes and fields.

Anyone else you can bring will be helpful.

Thank you.

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stevehayes said...

AS the former president of the SoCal SAAB club and a friend of David's I want to everything i can to assist.

I have added this plea for help on the following websites.


Please let me know if I can do anything else. (Unfortunately I am on the east coast right now)