It's 1215a and I'm in Lake Forest, pulled over.

Taken from my recent chat with Eric. Instead of retelling the story, I just copy/pasted the chat transcript, with some minor post edits. Enjoy.

12:50 AM

Jeff: yo dude, guess who just got pulled over
Eric: d'oh
J: yeah
J: we all left rehearsal at the same time
J: and I was caught between Steve and Dave fucking around on the road
J: so when I had an opening (on city streets), I merged and sped past Steve
J: and a cop sitting right there
E: oh man, that sucks
J: yeah
J: no ticket tho
E: nice!
J: yeah
J: it pays to have a clean record
J: and to be straightforward
E: for sure
J: 1st cop asked "you on probation?"
J: no
J: "arrests?"
J: no
J: "tickets?"
J: no
J: checked my shit, and his partner told me to get out of the car

12:55 AM

J: they asked why I wasn't home, and I told 'em the truth***
J: then they asked the name of my band, so I told
J: and our type of music
J: then he asked me to name a song for 'em, so I did
J: and then I invited 'em out to our xmas show on the 23rd
E: hah! nice
E: did you look like a thug or something?
J: nope
J: i think they just wanted to use scare tactics on me
J: I mean, I knew I wasn't gonna get a ticket
J: well, I didn't think I would
E: did they search you/the car?
J: nope
E: coo
J: they told me they were doing me a favor, and I said thank you, shook their hands and they let me go
E: way cool
E: i got searched, my car searched mid day for expired tags in the sentra
J: that sucked
J: guy told me I shouldn't even try to speed in the scion
J: "you can't even go 55 downhill in that thing, what're you trying to speed for?"
E: well then it shouldn't really matter then
J: I said it was a mistake and that I was just looking to get home
J: exactly
J: guy kinda looked like me, too
J: like a clean cut me
J: thick plastic rims and everything
E: wow
J: well, not JUST like me
J: but you know
J: some similarities
J: god I love a clean record
E: yeah
E: plus i think the type/look of the car can affect it too
J: yeah
J: that's true
J: and I don't look dangerous or anything
E: and you car isn't all riced out
J: exactly
J: I mean, as much as I say I knew I wasn't gonna be in trouble, I'm still lucky
J: of course, if they had seen the shit steve was pulling 10 seconds before, he'd've been in huge trouble
E: yeah, potentially could've been street racing
J: well, he was swerving and cutting me off
J: and I was just trying to get away
J: the cop says "why you driving like that?"
J: I say cause my buddy was messing around, and I was trying to get away
E: if they just saw quick lane change and you take off in front
J: "you just gonna rat out your friend like that?"
J: "fuck yeah, he'd do the same to me. We're friends, that's what friends do"
J: as I think "would I really do that to Chris or Eric?"
E: it's not like your ratting him out for trafficking weed or something actually illegal
J: exactly

***The "Truth" is that I had just come from rehearsal, 3 blocks away.

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