My (hopefully) last sick day.

This week, I relapsed. I had a cold or flu the last couple of weeks, and I caught a second cold somehow on Sunday or Monday. Yesterday, I was gross. Today, not as gross. I should be good to go back to the grind tomorrow. Today, I hung out and ate some pho. I finished Cats Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut today. It's a good book. It was my orchestra book until last Thursday, and I couldn't wait until rehearsals start again in January to finish it. Read it if you can. Sorry for the boring recommend, but this isn't English class. If I enjoy it, assume it's worth a look.

I fired up the ol' GameCube today, too. Played a little Zelda II and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. And by a little, I mean very little. Zelda II was more fun than I remember it being back in the day, tho. Got past the first palace pretty quickly. Might play some more tonight. Not much else happened today, but here's a few links I stumbled upon today. Enjoy.

Fishing for Fugu

Ever seen that episode of the Simpsons titled One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish? The one where Homer is suspected to have eaten improperly prepared Fugu, the very poisonous blowfish native to Japanese waters? Well, fisherman Adam Guy and fishingfury.com documented his experience fishing for, and eating, Fugu in Ōhara, Japan. A throughly entertaining read, if you're interested in such things. Found this one on modblog.bmezine.com

He-Man Universe Redesign.
Slightly NSFW.
Not for child-aged humans, either.

Remember He-Man from when you were a kid? Those cartoons kicked so much ass back then. Have you had a chance to watch them recently? Are you floored by just how gay they are now? Well two years ago, comic artist Marko Djurdjevic revamped the series for his own personal enjoyment. I don't know if anything has ever come of this, or if he was just getting creative for creativity's sake, but it's a major twist on an old favorite that works incredibly well. To surmise, the characters aren't just lame toy designs. They're all part of a dark, violent war that's broken out in Eternia.

"Skeletor has devastated Eternia, killed off the royal family and demasked He-Man in public. Prince Adam is no more. The heroes are forced to flee to Grayskull and hide in there. The whole world is under siege by Skeletors armies..."

Take a look, read up, and imagine the modern, savage continuation of all those great characters you owned as 5" action figures back in the day. Just be warned, Skeletor looks pretty gay, and Evil-Lyn's origin isn't for the feint of heart. Found this one at BKV.TV

How-To: Build Your Own Custom Full-Sized Wireless Guitar Hero Controller

Fans of Guitar Hero, rejoice! Here's your chance to take your favorite electric guitar and make a custom, full-sized Guitar Hero wireless controller. Apparently there's a lot of butchery involved, so if you're not into completely destroying that gitfiddle of yours, just read to enjoy. Looks pretty awesome.

At the time of this post, however, I can't get past Page 1 because the tubes are clogged from all the internets being sent. Maybe I'll get through on Tuesday. Above, I've linked to the Digg mirror site, so you can at least read the first page. Thanks to Barbie for sending this my way

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