No new news for those asking for updates on the David Boone search.

I spoke to Adam this past weekend, and he's said there's no new developments in the search for his father, David Boone, who went missing three weeks ago today. If I hear any news, I will absolutely post it here. Please keep the Boone's in your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Was there ever any actual indication that he had indeed gone hiking rather than is merely missing and all his personal effects appear to be in his home?

Anonymous said...

He clearly left his home apparently without any struggle but since he left behind such items as a man would normally take with him I wonder why 'hiking' was suddenly decided as being his destination.
What was the nature of the relationship with his 'ex' or 'ex to be'? Does anyone profit from his being "missing"? What other nearby destinations might be reasonable rather than hiking, such as dumpster, storage area, neighbor, etc.?
Fools Gold

JeffX said...

Fools Gold,

It's my understanding that David Boone's family had no leads regarding where he disappeared to. The family thought that since he enjoyed hiking in a specific area, that he may very well have went there, where something unknown may have happened.

I can only assume that the OC Sheriff's Dept., with help from the Boone's, have searched many of the obvious (and not so obvious) places.

As for his relationship with his (ex)wife, since I'm not a member of the family, and am not privy to the details of their relationship. It's my understanding that their relationship was amicable.