Update from today's search for David Boone.

We assembled by 630a, and began our search at 7a. There must've been 60-70 people, total. We scoured as best we could the area of Whiting Ranch. I paired up with Mike, drummer from our band, and we went in and out of brush, through dried out creek beds, and huge patches of poison ivy. No one at any location was able to find any sign of David Boone, which is both a good and bad sign. The biggest worry in our area was mountain lions. The areas they tend to frequent at night were searched this morning, and no clues were found.

Adam was interviewed by local channels CBS 2, ABC 7, KCAL 9, and possibly NBC 4 (I can't remember). There may be more local news crews that I don't know of. Please make sure you try to watch these local broadcasts, support the Boone's, and spread the word about David's disappearance. The LA Times was there, and they interviewed Mike & I.

I will continue to post updates and links to articles as they come in.

Thank you to all who helped today, and to all that have shown support for Adam's family.

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Mark said...

any updates on David Boone?