Was I Wrong?

I went to get some Chipotle today. Parking was a bitch. I saw a space open up one lane over, and I went for it. Apparently, this couple in a silver SUV had been "waiting" for it. Incidentally, when I saw it open up there was no one waiting. I took it, to a cacophony of honks and swears. I said 'whatever,' and went to get a burrito. While I'm in line, waiting to pay, the female from the SUV walks up to me, punches my shoulder and says "You Asshole!". Being the loud man I am, I say:

Excuse me?! How DARE you put your hands on me,
You BITCH!! Who do you think you are?!

Bear in mind that I said this in the middle of a crowded Chipotle restaurant, 15 or so people behind me in line, and another 20-30 in the place.

So the question is, "Who was wrong?"

And yes, I realize this is not an appropriate way for Santa Claus to act. I wasn't in costume.


Pia said...

Hmmm. Well, you should have let the couple have the parking space, but if you didn't see them it was an honest mistake.

The woman was at fault. She should have never hit you.

Who in their right mind would assault a Jewish Santa? That alone earns a one-way trip to hell!

"Mr. Rost" said...

It's Christmas, everyone should understand by now that frustration is part of the season. If you didn't see her, bummer, if you did, you're a dick. This should not be a surprise to anyone a week (or less) before Christmas. (Not that you're a dick, that she lost a space.) She didn't even question you, say "hey, dude, didn't you see me?" or whatever so,
she's a, uh, "c"-word. Both of you were wrong, neither of you were very polite, but at least you were less wrong. So since you're a dick, might as well to to, uh, "c"-words as dicks do. Merry Fucking Christmas.