The price of salvation.

Last night, I had to work. Most of my shifts lately have been bad, but this one wasn't bad. Just slow. I managed to get out a little after nine, when I got a call from Ryan saying that he's at the Clubhouse (the restaurant next to mine), playing as part of the illustrious Ken James TrioDuo + 1 + .1. Ken James is this jive ass English cat who plays a keyboard. He play a lot of jazz standards. Nothing exciting, but on the upside, he uses a lot of outdated MIDI patches on his keyboard. Ryan on upright bass is always good. The first "+1" is Ken's Puerto Rican girlfriend (?). She's okay to look at, and sings on key maybe 70% of the time. The other "+.1" is the drummer. Or should I say the drum machine. Yep. Ken sacrifices the need for a live drummer and uses a little fucking Casio drum machine so he can have his girlfriend sing, and everyone still gets paid the same. What made the night interesting was this old guy, Jim, sitting where the band was taking a break. This guy was talkative, had some interesting stories (that he liked to repeat several times in 10 minutes), and he was one lecherous motherfucker. Now I said the singer was okay to look at, implying I wasn't into her. But Jim would look and go "Oooh. Oh my goodness," and anytime she would dance or look over at him, he'd go crazy. It was funny.

He says to me "when's your birthday?" I reply "August 16th." Jim says "It's tonight. Watch this!" And tells the singer it's my birthday. And she wishes me a happy birthday and goes into the most non-arousing version of a song I can only say I've heard from Ginger in Gilligan's island.

"I wanna be kissed by you,
By you, and no body else but you.
I wanna be kissed by you,
Alone. Boop boo be doo."

Jim went crazy. I feigned interest, but it was fun and I had a good time. Thanks to Ryan for inviting me out. Once out of there, I went for a little In n Out, since it's been on my mind. Starving and having had a couple drinks, I ordered my recent favorite: a 3x3 animal style, fries & a lemonade. The cost? $6.66. It was a good night.


KPL said...

Damnit Jeff. Marilyn Monroe! Marilyn Monroe!

And really, on those gigs, all you should have been listening to is: "buh ding bum bom boom bah bah ding ding ba doom boom boom bah."

JeffX said...

I know it's Marilyn Monroe. I've only heard it on Gilligan's Island.