As some of you may know, I got into a car accident on Friday afternoon(not my fault). I'm fine. My car isn't. I have to get some body work done, AND get a rental. I tried to get my shift covered, to little avail. That is until tonight. At a work party, this girl said she'd take my shift. We signed the shift exchange book and everything. Then she tells me she might not be able to after all. You all know I'm a nice guy, but I'm pretty pissed about that. I almost didn't go out for drinks after the thing. Then I wouldn't have had to deal with this shit. Now, it's nearly midnight and I may have to work a full day after all, and have to postpone all my repairs and car rentals until who knows when. I'm pretty pissed. I just sent her a text. Hopefully it'll work out in my favor. I'll know in the morning.

Pics of the accident @ Flickr

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