Weeks 1 & 2 of 2007:

I realize that the last few months, I haven't left much in the way of new posts, or anything with some deep insight. I don't know if this post will be much different.

Here's my brief recap of the first 17 days of 2007

After weeks and weeks of invites from Ryan, I finally went out and joined him in an Aikido lesson. I had my first lesson two Mondays ago, and as sore as my entire body was (for four days), I couldn't wait for my next lesson the following Friday. Since then I've had two other lessons, with #4 coming up this Friday. Our Sensei is awesome. 70 years old, he's been teaching Aikido for something like 50 years, and now he teaches class out of his garage/dojo. I can already feel, not necessarily a difference in my physical condition, but an awareness of my own body I haven't had before. I'm stoked. Now all I need to do is figure out how to take work off on Wednesdays so I can get in 3 lessons a week.

My trombone lessons have been great. All my students are showing improvement, especially my two 8th Grade boys. It's interesting to see two kids the same age progress at the same rate, but play totally different. I've got a 6th grade girl who's awesome for her age, and two adults (think 55+). My two adults are in a community orchestra, the Yorba Linda Community Orchestra, which I'm also a member. It's pretty fun. Between those two guys, and the old man who I share the 1st Bone parts with, we have a lot of fun, and I end up being the teacher-coach for all of 'em. Any questions/concerns usually get directed my way. We're playing some heavy, heavy pieces for this group this season,

Night on the Bald (or Bare) Mountain, Mussorgsky/Rimsky-Korsakov
Mars from The Planets, Holst
Slavonic Dances #8 in G Minor, Dvořák
Emperor Waltzes, Strauss (Johann)
Feuerfest, Strauss (Josef)

What's awesome about the YL Orchestra is that they're planning a tour of China in the summer of 2008. I'm planning on attending.

I need a new job, but I'm holding out for when this particular restaurant opens an Anaheim location. They should be hiring soon. Until then, I'm stuck. This guy I really enjoyed working with quit/got fired on Saturday. I'm sorry to see him go, but from what I've heard about the situation, he deserved it. As much as I have his back and loved working with him, he deserved to get canned. When you tell a manager to "Watch your back!" and "Don't ever forget who your enemies are!" and that he's the "worst fucking manager ever" in a crowded restaurant, you've got to expect repercussions.

My band, Adam Vance & The Smiling Tyrants is still going strong. With all the stuff about Adam's dad recently, it's been kinda touch-and-go between the five of us. And sometimes it becomes a problem when five guys with completely different lives try unsuccessfully to get together and jam once a week. We're taking a new direction in our rehearsals, and well as adding a trumpeter (I think). It should be all good. We've got a tentative gig lined up for Feb 15th, at 14 Below in Santa Monica. More concrete info as I get it.

I've still got a lot of beer lined up, including a whole new slew of brew from Eric (which I'll detail in another blog). I might get on one tonight, but don't count on it.

Thanks all for sticking with me into Year Three.

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