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Let down.

Thanks in advance to everyone who's been curious about me getting the job I've been talking about, but there isn't a happy ending. Here's the story.

I applied for a job at a soon-to-open steak house in the Disneyland area. I had two great interviews, then about two weeks of post-interview limbo. Today I get a call from the place saying "Thanks for your patience during the lengthy application process. I'm sorry, but we're unable to offer you the position, but we'll keep your application on file in case..." Blahblahblah. I've been planning on this job. I've been overconfident, thinking I'm a shoo-in to get it, and now that it's potentially out of my grasp, I need to figure out a new plan of attack.

I just talked about this to my brother & dad, and they gave me some great advice. Now all I need to do is get off my ass and follow it. Part of me is worried that if I pursue this job any further, I'll lose face. But if I don't have the job to begin with, then I'm not really hurting my chances of getting it by attempting 'guerrilla tactics.' I could call the guy I know who works for a different location to find out a little something for me, or have him put in a good word for me (though it might be too little, too late). I also don't know if he's still with the restaurant. I could try to get a hold of the lady that called me, and attempt to convince her to at least let me go through the training process. I just don't want to act like a needy sonofabitch.

I need to stew on it all for a minute. Maybe do a little something to put my mind someplace else.


Beer! Blogs! Boobs!

(anything I'm forgetting that starts with a 'B...?' Blackpoint Comics!)

So I'm here, blogging on my laptop which came today. It works, they saved all my files. They transferred all the data (hence the 'boobs' in the title of this blog. There's a lot on this computer...). I'm still not happy with the turnaround time, but I got it today and I'm happy.

I'm almost finished with my meds by the way, so I've been drinking more and more. a lot of beer has gone down my gullet this week. My antibiotics have been done for a while, anyway. Since it's Friday night, and I had a long day (and wore myself out in Aikido today), I figured I'd tie one on. Oh, and I bought a sweet tux today from the Men's Wearhouse, and I need to drink to forget how much it costs. Oh yeah, and I'm sporting a new look, which some of you have seen, but a lot of you haven't. Since I had a few days off (sick), I took the opportunity to change something about myself, which has gone over really well. There will be LOTS of pics to come.



I stole this from Kyle.

How smart are you?


My Problems with iResQ

I've been having hard drive problems with my laptop, which I've talked about a little bit on here. I sent my computer away last week to a company called iResQ, which specializes in expedited licensed Apple product repairs. They claim to have a 3-day turnaround on all repairs, using DHL overnight shipments back and forth. I know their service works, because Eric and (I think) his brother, both used iResQ with success.

I shipped mine out late on Feb 13, which might've left it in the shipping center until the next day, Feb 14th. I received a message from an employee named Frank on Thursday asking me what I want to do, my HD is fucked (my words, not his)? I couldn't return the call until Friday morning, where I told a different operator (because Frank wasn't in the office) that I wanted a new HD, and to finish the necessary repairs. The operator said my computer would be put into "repair status" and it would be sent back to me. "I wonder how long it takes to put a new hard drive in a PowerBook?" I asked myself. I figured it'd be shipped out that day, reaching me on Saturday Feb 17 or possibly Monday Feb 19 (I don't know DHL's shipping schedules).

Monday comes, no laptop. Tuesday, nothing. Wednesday, still nothing. I called and left an urgent message asking the whereabouts of my PowerBook around 4p yesterday. At 9 this morning, no PowerBook on my porch, no callbacks. At this point, I'm worried. What happened to that 3 day turnaround? As I reach for my cell to call iResQ, it rings. It's Frank from iResQ, apologizing for things taking so long, and that they dropped the ball, and that the last operator left it unclear as to what hard drive to replace mine with. I told him "I don't care. At this point I just want my computer back." I reminded him that I'm paying for an expedited service, and nothing about my experience with iResQ has been 'expedited.'

He told me they'd get a new HD in my computer, and send it out overnight today, and that I'll get it tomorrow. If I DO get it tomorrow, it'll be 11 days from the time I received my shipping box. That's pretty bad for a supposed 3-day turnaround. I even figured on an extra 3 days, giving them 6 to turn it around. I can't say I'm very happy with the people at iResQ, except for Frank. He seems to be the only one who knows what's going on over there. If you ever need your Apple products repaired, just go to your local Apple store.


It's Sunday, and I'm by myself (and I need to take my medicine!)

I'm home alone this weekend, just chillin'. Trying to watch some TV, but nothing's on. I'm kinda biding my time until I go jam at 5. I might go out back and practice my rolls for aikido. I also might head out and try to find a little Gradius V or Ikaruga. Ever since I read this blog a couple weeks ago, I've been aching for some old school shoot 'em up game play. That'll give me something to do today.


My encounter at the comic shop today.

Today, on the mend from my trachiel bronchitis (the meds are working, btw), I went to the comic store for a little sequential art distraction. While picking up my books, I saw a friend of mine, Frank, who I hadn't seen in at least 7 or 8 years. Frank and I were close buddies in middle school and high school, then we kinda lost touch. How close were he & I? Pretty close. This is the guy who got me into reading comics when we were both 13, and you all know how much I love my comics nowadays. Apparently, we've been going to the same LCS (local comic shop) for a while, and haven't ever crossed paths until today. We recognized each other, and it was pretty awesome to catch up, even though we only had 10 or so minutes with which to chat. Hopefully he & I can stay in touch this time around. Since we're local, it should be easy.

Soon, you will feel the sting of...

Thanks to R-Lex for the link to this.

Pick up yours (or mine!) here.

I guess this makes me dumb, too.

If you're any sort of fan of mine, you know that I can't resist a meme. This one was lovingly forwarded via email by Ryan. Since I have respect for everyone's inbox, I'll just waste your time here. I've probably done this exact meme at some point in the last 2+ years, but I'm bored and stuck at home. Enjoy & feel free to steal it for your own blog/mass email list.

Some interesting things...

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Waiter
2. Trombone Teacher
3. Drywall Technician
4. Layabout

Four movies I have watched over and over:

1. The Big Lebowski
2. 40 Year Old Virgin
3. Batman (1989)
4. Seven Samurai

Four Places I have lived:

1. Anaheim Hills
2. The outskirts of Irvine
3. Kei Akagi's house
4. In the dungeon of existence

TV Shows I like Watching:

1. The Simpsons
2. The Daily Show
3. Dirty Jobs
4. Anything involving Sumo Wrestling

Four places I have visited:

1. Seattle, WA
2. Boston, MA (two times too many...)
3. Las Vegas, NV
4. Nice, France (when I went on tour and opened for Kool & The Gang)

Four of my favorite foods:

1. I'll gladly pay you Tuesday...
2. Chipotle (the place, not the smoked jalapeno)
3. Sushi
4. Thai

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. At Aikido practice (blatantly stolen from Ryan)
2. Las Vegas
3. In a bigger bed
4. I'd like to go to Japan, too.

Four people who MIGHT respond:

I'd hate for anyone to have to do this based on my predication. Have fun, and leave a link to yours if you steal it from mine.


Trachiael Bronchitis

That's what I've got. And maybe a little asthma to go with it. I made it out to the doc's today. Had to go to urgent care, since my regular doc was booked up. The physician's assistant diagnosed me, and hooked me up with a ton of free samples, since he noticed I'm without health insurance. New antibiotics, an asthma inhaler, and a steroid inhaler.

Omnicef (antibiotics) = $110 (approx.)
Advair (as seen on TV) = $218
Proventil (inhaler) = $45

It seems I should be taking a few days off work, too, since I'm very contagious. Great. The last thing I want to be is bedridden, but it looks like bed is where I'm off to. In 2 weeks, when my meds are done, someone PLEASE get me out for a burger and a beer. I dream of those two things together.


Our gig this week is on THURSDAY!!

I made a little typo on the ol' sidebar and listed this week's Tyrants' gig on Valentines Day...

IT ISN'T!!!!

It's on Thursday, Feb 15th!!!

If you come Wednesday, you will be alone and lonely. Come Thursday!!


Sunday Morning Check-in

(I know it's 1230 in the afternoon, gimme a break)

Fever's gone. Now I'm a little below 98.6°. Chest congestion is as bad as ever. I've stopped taking Mucinex, for fear it's not helping anymore. I woke up, had a self-induced coughing fit, and felt very dizzy/nauseated afterward. That feeling has gone, thankfully. The doc is closed today, so I can't go in until tomorrow. I'll probably be out for Aikido tomorrow, as well as work. This'll be the extent I'm online for the next however many hours. If you need me, use the for$e.


Still sick...

But not as much. Fever's down below 100°. It was 99.2° earlier today, now it's around 99° and a half. Laptop's out of commission again. This time, it's the hard drive that's dying (just like I thought it would be when I bought that external HD). Gonna get that taken care of this week (more to come about that). I dug out my GameBoy Advance and bought Final Fantasy VI Advance (formerly FF III for the SNES, from 1994). I love it so far. It's been great to have a "new" game to help with convalescence. Especially one I was so addicted to in my formidable years. I managed to get work off tonight, so I've just been chillin', watching a fuckton of TV, and eating. Ice cream. To, uh, help get my temperature down.


If shit could feel, it would feel like I do.

That is to say, I feel like shit. You all read that I had a long weekend. A weekend that I was still catching up to at the beginning of the week. Well, I think the ol' immune system was down. On Tuesday, a lady I work with was damn sick, coughing everyfuckingwhere, and I think I picked a little something up from her. Wednesday night, in my weakened state, I played poker. I was the only one at the table not smoking. So I breathed in a shitload of the 2nd hand. It didn't bother me then, but yesterday morning, I started feeling worse. Hoarse voice, mostly. Today had been the worst. I've been short of breath, a horrible hacking cough, started on some antibiotics, some Mucinex, and some Tylonol, cause I've had a bitch of a headache. Now I have a fever. I've got the thermometer in right now. In 3 minutes, we'll see what the verdict is***. I'm supposed to be at work at 10a tomorrow for a lead server meeting, and again at 345p for my shift. We'll see if I can make it to either. Hopefully I can knock this out by the end of the weekend. Maybe I'll make it out to 24 hour care in the AM. We'll see.

***a little over 102°, in case anyone's curious

Anna Nicole Smith is Dead. Who cares?

As much as I'm not into the media circus that is Anna Nicole Smith's death, I turned on on Fox 11 News' coverage of it this morning. They showed video of her body being wheeled (on a gurney) into a Florida coroner's office. Now, I'm as desensitized as the next 26 year old guy, but this whole shit took a turn from jsut plain invasive to morbid. The bitch is dead. What'd she die of? Who cares. My money is that she OD'd on TrimSpa, btw. What other news stories are being hidden in the shadow from the corpse of this big-titted blond?


Shake your asses next Thursday!

My wonderful band, Adam Vance & The Smiling Tyrants, is playing at 14 Below in Santa Monica on Feb 15th. Doors open at 8, we're on at 9. Come on out and wiggle your asses!

Adam Vance & The Smiling Tyrants
Feb 15, 9pm
14 Below
1348 14th St
Santa Monica, CA 90404
$6 at the door.


My Crazy Saturday.

Saturday afternoon, we Smiling Tyrants had a jam at Dave's in the interest of initiating our new trumpet player, Tim, to the band. Beer came out. We jammed. My ADHD was in full effect. We took some time to check this shit out. More beer came out. Then I had to go to work. To train a new hire. About 30 minutes into our shift, I (apparently) took a long time to get a drink to the table, and one of the girls at the table decided to give me a hard time:

Her: Geez, I hope that martini's good. It took 20 minutes to come out.
Me: No it didn't. It was five, maybe.
Her: Why'd it take so long? Did you stir it with your penis? (she really said "penis")
Me: Miss, please. I like working here. I like serving, I've been here a long time, and I don't intend on leaving. I like this job too much to jeopardize it by doing that... It was just my balls.

At some point in the shift, this chick I work with told me about this dude who was singing at some bar in Long Beach, and she invited me out. I said I'd go. I had no idea what I was in for. The place was called Alex's Bar. I felt out of place not inked up, and it took me waving my money for 5 minutes to get a beer. But they had 24 oz. of Tecate in the can. How could I resist? The place was fucking packed, too. I had know idea what the big deal about this singer was. All I wanted to do was meet up with my coworkers, have one beer, and maybe break out. Little did I know how much fun I would have that night. The act was a guy named Phil Shane, The One Man Legend***. At first, I didn't even look at the stage. I just heard some old covers. Some shit our parents and their black counterparts used to listen to. I come to find out that he's a lounge singer with a HUGE following between LA, OC, & Vegas. Apparently my friend Jessica who invited me out is (was) Phil Shane's fan club president. I wasn't into it at first, but the more I listened (and drank), the more I dug it (and the more I sang along). 3 Tecate later, we were all out of there at 115a, looking for some late night food.

The only place worth eating at when the bars close in Long Beach is the Shorehouse Cafe. We got there at 130a, and received possibly the worst service ever given in the western world. There were 3 meals altogether, and they arrived 20 minutes apart. One person's grilled cheese came 20 minutes before my cheeseburger, which came 20 minutes 20 before a scrambled eggwhites. We weren't out until 3a. We had a good time shooting the shit, but the poor service brought us down. We were all passing out at the booth, when someone was cool enough to offer their place for everyone to crash. I was passed out on a cool couch by 4a. Unfortunately, cool doesn't mean comfortable. I was up at 8a, with a stiff neck. I read a little and was back asleep by 930a, and up again by 10a. We all were kinda up, so we argued about who was gonna make pancakes, then we all fought over bedspace and passed out for another hour or so. I think I left the apartment at 1145a, when I got a callback on a second interview at the restaurant I'm applying. I got home, had 3-4 beers during the first 1/2 of the Super Bowl, and slept through the rest. I think I woke up at 8p.


Boston = Stupid.

Thanks to the overreaction of the decade, I now have one more reason why I loathe the city of Boston.

Unless you live on the Moon (actually...), you've probably heard about the "terrorist hoax" in the city of Boston. A couple of dudes put were paid by Cartoon Network to do some viral marketing for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie (pictured: "Ignignot"), and put a bunch of the above-pictured LED "signs" up around the city. If you remember back to childhood, they basically look like the Lite-Brite I always lost the pegs to. This apparently caused city-wide panic, and proves yet again that the good ol' USA is still a brain-dead place to live.

No offense meant to my friends who live in Boston. It's not you, it's your city.

link: Reuters
video: YouTube