Beer! Blogs! Boobs!

(anything I'm forgetting that starts with a 'B...?' Blackpoint Comics!)

So I'm here, blogging on my laptop which came today. It works, they saved all my files. They transferred all the data (hence the 'boobs' in the title of this blog. There's a lot on this computer...). I'm still not happy with the turnaround time, but I got it today and I'm happy.

I'm almost finished with my meds by the way, so I've been drinking more and more. a lot of beer has gone down my gullet this week. My antibiotics have been done for a while, anyway. Since it's Friday night, and I had a long day (and wore myself out in Aikido today), I figured I'd tie one on. Oh, and I bought a sweet tux today from the Men's Wearhouse, and I need to drink to forget how much it costs. Oh yeah, and I'm sporting a new look, which some of you have seen, but a lot of you haven't. Since I had a few days off (sick), I took the opportunity to change something about myself, which has gone over really well. There will be LOTS of pics to come.

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