Boston = Stupid.

Thanks to the overreaction of the decade, I now have one more reason why I loathe the city of Boston.

Unless you live on the Moon (actually...), you've probably heard about the "terrorist hoax" in the city of Boston. A couple of dudes put were paid by Cartoon Network to do some viral marketing for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie (pictured: "Ignignot"), and put a bunch of the above-pictured LED "signs" up around the city. If you remember back to childhood, they basically look like the Lite-Brite I always lost the pegs to. This apparently caused city-wide panic, and proves yet again that the good ol' USA is still a brain-dead place to live.

No offense meant to my friends who live in Boston. It's not you, it's your city.

link: Reuters
video: YouTube

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