Let down.

Thanks in advance to everyone who's been curious about me getting the job I've been talking about, but there isn't a happy ending. Here's the story.

I applied for a job at a soon-to-open steak house in the Disneyland area. I had two great interviews, then about two weeks of post-interview limbo. Today I get a call from the place saying "Thanks for your patience during the lengthy application process. I'm sorry, but we're unable to offer you the position, but we'll keep your application on file in case..." Blahblahblah. I've been planning on this job. I've been overconfident, thinking I'm a shoo-in to get it, and now that it's potentially out of my grasp, I need to figure out a new plan of attack.

I just talked about this to my brother & dad, and they gave me some great advice. Now all I need to do is get off my ass and follow it. Part of me is worried that if I pursue this job any further, I'll lose face. But if I don't have the job to begin with, then I'm not really hurting my chances of getting it by attempting 'guerrilla tactics.' I could call the guy I know who works for a different location to find out a little something for me, or have him put in a good word for me (though it might be too little, too late). I also don't know if he's still with the restaurant. I could try to get a hold of the lady that called me, and attempt to convince her to at least let me go through the training process. I just don't want to act like a needy sonofabitch.

I need to stew on it all for a minute. Maybe do a little something to put my mind someplace else.


E said...

Bummer, next beers on me.

JeffX said...

Thanks, man. There may be a surprise NEW opportunity available... I might know more about it this week...