My Problems with iResQ

I've been having hard drive problems with my laptop, which I've talked about a little bit on here. I sent my computer away last week to a company called iResQ, which specializes in expedited licensed Apple product repairs. They claim to have a 3-day turnaround on all repairs, using DHL overnight shipments back and forth. I know their service works, because Eric and (I think) his brother, both used iResQ with success.

I shipped mine out late on Feb 13, which might've left it in the shipping center until the next day, Feb 14th. I received a message from an employee named Frank on Thursday asking me what I want to do, my HD is fucked (my words, not his)? I couldn't return the call until Friday morning, where I told a different operator (because Frank wasn't in the office) that I wanted a new HD, and to finish the necessary repairs. The operator said my computer would be put into "repair status" and it would be sent back to me. "I wonder how long it takes to put a new hard drive in a PowerBook?" I asked myself. I figured it'd be shipped out that day, reaching me on Saturday Feb 17 or possibly Monday Feb 19 (I don't know DHL's shipping schedules).

Monday comes, no laptop. Tuesday, nothing. Wednesday, still nothing. I called and left an urgent message asking the whereabouts of my PowerBook around 4p yesterday. At 9 this morning, no PowerBook on my porch, no callbacks. At this point, I'm worried. What happened to that 3 day turnaround? As I reach for my cell to call iResQ, it rings. It's Frank from iResQ, apologizing for things taking so long, and that they dropped the ball, and that the last operator left it unclear as to what hard drive to replace mine with. I told him "I don't care. At this point I just want my computer back." I reminded him that I'm paying for an expedited service, and nothing about my experience with iResQ has been 'expedited.'

He told me they'd get a new HD in my computer, and send it out overnight today, and that I'll get it tomorrow. If I DO get it tomorrow, it'll be 11 days from the time I received my shipping box. That's pretty bad for a supposed 3-day turnaround. I even figured on an extra 3 days, giving them 6 to turn it around. I can't say I'm very happy with the people at iResQ, except for Frank. He seems to be the only one who knows what's going on over there. If you ever need your Apple products repaired, just go to your local Apple store.

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