Still sick...

But not as much. Fever's down below 100°. It was 99.2° earlier today, now it's around 99° and a half. Laptop's out of commission again. This time, it's the hard drive that's dying (just like I thought it would be when I bought that external HD). Gonna get that taken care of this week (more to come about that). I dug out my GameBoy Advance and bought Final Fantasy VI Advance (formerly FF III for the SNES, from 1994). I love it so far. It's been great to have a "new" game to help with convalescence. Especially one I was so addicted to in my formidable years. I managed to get work off tonight, so I've just been chillin', watching a fuckton of TV, and eating. Ice cream. To, uh, help get my temperature down.

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