Trachiael Bronchitis

That's what I've got. And maybe a little asthma to go with it. I made it out to the doc's today. Had to go to urgent care, since my regular doc was booked up. The physician's assistant diagnosed me, and hooked me up with a ton of free samples, since he noticed I'm without health insurance. New antibiotics, an asthma inhaler, and a steroid inhaler.

Omnicef (antibiotics) = $110 (approx.)
Advair (as seen on TV) = $218
Proventil (inhaler) = $45

It seems I should be taking a few days off work, too, since I'm very contagious. Great. The last thing I want to be is bedridden, but it looks like bed is where I'm off to. In 2 weeks, when my meds are done, someone PLEASE get me out for a burger and a beer. I dream of those two things together.

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keekthesneek said...

hope ya feel better bro