We saw Reno 911: The Movie tonight... I drank a beer before the show. Then after, we went to a bar in the Orange Circle, where I had 5 more. Now I'm on my seventh for the night, and I think I'm just about done after this. Jonny drove, for those that're concerned. My hero. I got home to catch the end of Family Guy, and I'm not straight enough to whistle the closing theme. I could probably play it, but the ol' whistle is O-U-T, out...

In case you're curious:

1. Butt Light (@ Jon's friend's)
2. Corona
3. Stella Artois
4. Hoegarten White
5. Pabst Blue Ribbon (In a can... I've never had one until tonight.)
6. Another Stella
7. Spaten Oktoberfest, at home.

I'm done drinking as soon as I'm done with the Spaten... I promise...

EDIT: and in case anyone missed South Park this week, here's the most most offensive thing I've ever seen. NFSW...

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