I <3 Today.

Today's been a good day for me. A lot of little new things, and a couple big ones to talk about. I've had today off, so I've been able to take it easy & throw a couple beers back. I figured a good ol' update blog might be in order.

Some of you may remember this post, where I lamented about not getting a job at a fine dining place. Well, the very next day, my general manager at Z'Tejas approached me about becoming a manager. I told him I was interested. After a couple of interviews, and a tedious application process, I was cleared to become a manager. I began the training program last Tuesday, and it's been fairly busy. It's been all 8a shifts in the kitchen, prep cooking. Now, I know 8a isn't that big of a deal, but when you're used to 3-4 hour shifts, making what ends up being around $20 an hour (wage + tips), then going to 8 hours on your feet with little down time, no tips, and much less human interaction, it gets a bit tiresome. But I love it. It's fun, it's new, and I'm capable (with some supervision). I'm in the kitchen again this week and next week, then I start bar training during the first week of April. I'm hoping to be all said & done with the training by May. This opportunity has really turned out to be awesome. I've been looking for something new, and my bosses and fellow servers all have the utmost faith in my abilities, which says a lot. And to top it all off, I was recommended for the job by our regional manager. So we'll see how it all plays out. I'm trying not to count my chickens, but I'm looking forward to my future with this company.

Today, as I said, was my day off. No work, no lessons. I went to Aikido this morning ready for a regular workout. Sensei's been having me review for my upcoming blue belt test, so I figured it'd be more of the same, considering Sensei hasn't set a test time. Well, he just kinda sprung the test on me today at the end of practice. I passed, and I'm now a blue belt. Every dojo's different with how the rankings are, and Sensei has his own ranking system that does just fine to indicate one's progress. I'm still the beginner of our dojo, but I'm no longer the "whitest of white belts." Afterwards, we went out for some pho, which is always what the doctor ordered after an Aikido workout. Then a little coffee with Ryan & Hung. Awesome.

I got a haircut today. An "executive haircut," at the new place I've been going, 18|8, which included a head, neck & shoulder massage (which I needed). If you go, tell 'em Jeff Long referred you. Kind of expensive service, to be sure, but well worth it. I'm usually the "shave your head when it gets too long" kind of guy, but I've felt lately that a good cut is a great investment. And since I'm working in a job where looking well-groomed means more money (or conversely, looking shitty means much less money), it's worthwhile. I get a free "upgrade" next time, too. Maybe I'll get a manicure. I do need to trim my beard, tho...

And today is Wednesday, which means comic day. I haven't read everything, but I wanted to plug today's Runaways Saga, written by my internet pal, Mindy Owens. Fans of the series will enjoy it, cause it's written from Molly's perspective. Next month, Joss Whedon is taking over for Brian K. Vaughan, so if anyone's looking to get caught up in less than 30 minutes of reading, pick it up and enjoy. It's Mindy's first comic, too, so support an up & coming writer!

So like I said, "good day." And to top it all off, Return of the Jedi is on.

I <3 today.


Pia said...

Congratulations on the new job! I didn't realize waiters make so much money . . . you make way more than I do.

And what, no pictures of the new haircut?

DavePress said...

yeah seriously. what is that about. nice job on aikido man. I'm tired.