It's a great day for my collection

I've been comic-crazy these last few days. More so than usual. I've finally got all my weeklies bagged, boarded & taped. 313 comics in all. That's about 6 months worth, I think. It took the better part of 5 hours last night. I still need to sort my non-Marvel titles, and I don't have enough short boxes to do that. I've given up on long boxes a long time ago, thanks to Chris' reasoning. Anyway, all I need to file are this week's comics, and I'm done.

Here's a few recommends for those who want to geek out:

-Spider-Man Reign
Written & Drawn by Kaare Andrews

A basic knowledge of Spider-Man is all that's needed to be able to follow this one. Set in the future, in a "post-apocalyptic" Manahttan... I hate that term... Peter Parker is old. Very old. And he's no longer Spider-Man. Well, he no longer dresses up & saves people. And New York is in desperate need of her own personal Webslinger. Reign is basically Dark Knight Returns but with Spider-Man at the lead. Even the art is indicative of Frank Miller's classic Batman story. It seems as more of an homage than a copy. Andrews does an amazing job with Peter Parker, and even though it's set in the future, it does well as part of the Spider-Man canon. That is to say, if we ever see Peter Parker, in comics, as a senior citizen (70+ years), it should be this version. Wait for the trade, since issue 4 came out today, but it'll be worth the wait. Only a month, it seems. Buy the Hardcover on April 18th. It's well worth the price.

-Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.
Words by Warren Ellis, Art by Stuart Immonen

“It is most especially about THINGS BLOWING UP and PEOPLE GETTING KICKED.”

That's how Warren Ellis pitched this one to Marvel. I was going to post on this one a couple of weeks ago, but I got lazy and didn't. Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. is fucking sweet. I missed this book when was coming out monthly, and after reading all the love for it online, I was pissed I missed it. Volume 1 (collecting issues 1-6) came out about a month ago, and I've read it like 5 times since then. You need to know very little about comics to understand this one, but there's a lot of little inside jokes of you have some understanding of some minor characters. It's funny, first of all. 5 shitty heroes form a team & try to stop evil. They pretty much blow everything up. Here's a better review than I'm willing to write tonight. Don't buy the hardcover. Save your money & go paperback. Volume 2, called "I Kick Your Face," will be available in July.

-Marvel Essentials: Dr. Strange Vols. 1 & 2

This is what makes me a dork. 1214 total pages of Doctor Strange in one purchase. Dr. Stephen Strange, a respected surgeon at top of his game, gets in a car wreck. Hands so badly damaged that he'll never perform surgery again. Traveling the world looking for a cure, he winds up becoming a sorcerer, and fights evil. The most dorky character in the history of comics, and I love him. If you're not ready to delve into dorkdom like I have with this hefty two-volume purchase, consider Brian K. Vaughan & Marcos Martin's recent mini, Doctor Strange: The Oath, available in June. Probably the best Doctor Strange story ever, definitely the best in the last 15 years.

For those looking for variety, sorry for the all-Marvel recommendations. Now it's time for a combo of organizing & reading comics, watching Borat on DVD, and sleeping. I have to be at work at 745a tomorrow

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DavePress said...

oh man, nextwave...i jumped on that shit immediately. Loved it. I'm waiting for the Oath for trade, I missed it--kinda pissed about that, but it'll be worth the wait.

I got the Omega the Unknown trade yesterday. That shit is off the chain.