Late Nite Links, courtesy of insomnia

-Turns out Thomas Jefferson might've had Jewish ancestry.

Was Thomas Jefferson the first Jewish president? Researchers studying Jefferson’s Y chromosome have found it belongs to a lineage that is rare in Europe but common in the Middle East, raising the possibility that the third president of the United States had a Jewish ancestor many generations ago.

More at source.

-The Impossible Quiz.

I think I spent a solid 1/2 hour on trying to progress at this goddamn thing. I managed to make it as far as #32, with about 2 dozen restarts. If you have patience, you'll need it. Especially with the 8MB your Flash player will have to load. It's fun, but fucking frustrating.

-Awesome Blog: Table of Malcontents

I stumbled on this blog because of the name-dropping of my comic book hero, Brian K. Vaughan, and I ended up reading all the entries. I dunno if I'll check it every day, but the contributors make it an interesting read. Scroll down to see an interesting way to sort your bookshelf. In case you're curious, it's NOT a comic book blog.

-Dead Man Eating

I found this link off of the above-mentioned blog. If you've ever wondered what death row inmates eat before they leave this mortal coil, take a look. If you're not morbidly curious, stay away. Barbie, this means you.

-Stop REAL ID!!

In a nutshell, REAL ID is a national ID system that's proposed to take effect by the next calender year. Everyone carries one card, with ALL of your private information on it (like birth certificate info, SS info, driver's license). And to get this card, you'll have to go to the DMV with all that stuff. It doesn't sound so bad, until you realize our government can put an RFID chip in these cards and track your whereabouts. Take a look at the link, and tell your state representatives to say 'NO' to REAL ID. Oh yeah, California state reps are FOR REAL ID. Just say no. Oh yeah, the site I linked to is an ACLU site.

-And lastly, a video for my soccer-playing friends.

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