So it goes.

I fell victim to a severe food coma after dinner tonight. I can only assume I crashed out at 7, only to wake up,, completely disoriented, at 10p. A "what-where am I-what time is it-where do I need to be-am I late?" half-assed wake up. I think I regained composure/consciousness by the time the Colbert Report replay came on at 1030. I contemplated reading for a while. I think that's what put me to sleep in the first place. I started back in my book somewhere around 1a. I had to veg out and get a dose of Futurama, Family Guy, ATHF, and (inadvertently) Saul of the Mole Men in. At 1, I picked my book back up. A small part of me hoped that it'd knock me out again, but to tell you the truth, sleep feels overrated right now. I've only got 80 pages left in Slaughterhouse Five, and I feel like I could jam right through it, and be done by 4a with enough time to get another 3 hours of sleep in before I have to get up at 7 for work. But alas, I'm done reading for the night. My eyes are starting to sting a little, anyway... blogging may not be the smartest endeavor right now.

In an effort to strain my eyes even more, I flip on the TV, and hit DirecTV's guide to see if there's something on. I mis-dial my channel and end up on KOCE, where "Bellydancing Fitness Fusion Jazz" is on. And I can't take my eyes off the TV. A bunch of bellydancers jamming and thrusting their hips in concert is one of the more welcome sights to behold at 3a, three hours before sunrise. And then a thought occurs; is this program scheduled to satisfy the demand of overweight insomniac housewives needing a new exercise regimen, or is KOCE throwing a bone (pun intended) to drunk motherfuckers staying up late, looking to rub one out? Were I a different man, I'd be in that demographic. Now, it's "French in Action." An educational show, aimed for the high school student. As lame as this show is, I can't stop wondering why the hot French chick is wearing such a revealing shirt on such a benign show... I gotta go to France.

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