Tuesday's good. Wednesday's looking pretty good, too.

Today marked the half-way point for my management training. I ran the floor on my own. All my calls were the right ones. My floor was on lockdown today. The shift ran smooth. I made strong decisions. And there was no bitching or moaning. AND! My bosses had business cards made up for me! I'll post a scan soon. I'm stoked. I've never had my own business cards. From an actual business, that is. Then, home & a couple of lessons.

I've got tomorrow off. It should be a good day. A little Aikido. It's comic day tomorrow, and that's always good*. Venture Bros. Season 2 came out today. I'll be making a trip to Best Buy an electronics store to pick it up. I've got a couple of lessons tomorrow, too.

Maybe I should read tonight..

*In case anyone's curious:

Conan #39
DMZ #18
Ex Machina #27
Superman Batman #34
Ultimate Spider-Man #108
Ultimate X-Men #81
X-Factor #18 $2.99

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barb said...

did you ever call back the best buy lady?