Cyber-stalking & Jew Guilt. Two great tastes that taste great together.

Last night around 230, I had a bombshell dropped on me regarding something I hadn't thought about in nearly 3 years. In the past, I made some comments in the heat of the moment, slept the bad thoughts off, and kept being a happy guy when I woke up. Now, things I said are coming back to haunt me because I made a joke that was later taken out of context. I've said before that personal blogging is a cathartic endeavor for me. Now, I'm reaping the rewards of said catharsis. I really don't care to get into specifics, since too many people have already made my life and my past their business. I wish the circumstances that drew the new attention could have been different. I also wish I didn't feel so violated as to how I was discovered. Yeah, that's where the cyber-stalking comes in. But I guess that's the curse of the internet; there's no place to hide. Especially if you use your real name in your URL.

I've been a peaceful guy these last few years. Most people I know think of me as mellow. I would say I try to be calm, but that's a lie. I don't try anything. I'm just an even-tempered man. I said in a blog last month that I'm a firm believer in karma. I'm trying to figure out where I'm at now, because of this business. I had a pretty good day today (which may get it's own post), so maybe the universe is already balancing itself out. The last thing I needed was one more thing to lose sleep over, but it came my way just the same. Maybe it's a good thing my insomnia kicked in last night & tonight. Gives me time to repent and to figure out the appropriate way to make things right.

All I want is peace.

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