It's official; Both Long Bros. have graduated from College.

There's not much more exciting for me than to see my little brother, who's spent the better part of the new millenium in college, graduate. Yesterday was awesome. I'm so proud of Jonny for sticking it out all this time and getting his damn degree.

It was 110 degrees during the ceremony. Thankfully it was inside. I got a lot of shit for wearing a longsleeved shirt (w/ french cuffs) and a necktie, but I looked damn good. We went out for an amazing dinner last night, too, at steakhouse called "Remington's," attached to some hotel. It was fantastic.

Last night was another night of heavy drinking. I tried to take it easy. Not hard to do when your $.50 Coronas are warm. I still had 8. Well, 7.5. And a Jell-O shot. It wasn't that delicious, but I normally like Jell-O shots, so it was bearable. We both ended up in our proper beds, full of "California burritos." That's steak, guac, and french fries. Yes, fries. It was perfect drunk food.

It's nearly go time for me. We're trying to figure out the plan for today. Maybe some lunch. Jon & I are itching to get to the Indian casino and play some cards. My flight's at 730. Expect lots of pictures when I get back. I'm up past 170, I think.

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