I'm so very damn tired

The boiler basically burst at work last night, so I was stuck at work until 2a dealing with it. I got home around 230. At 3, I got a crazy text message from a friend who seemed to be in trouble. There was no trouble, but I ended up staying awake past dawn. Then I had work at 11. I was training someone today. Now I'm home, with no lessons tonight and no plans (yet). I've got comics. I've got beer. And I've got a bed. I intend to take advantage of them all this afternoon.

But before I go, there were a couple of things I wanted to hip you all to.

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

I haven't been much of a gin drinker since I've started really drinking 6-7 years ago, but I bought a bottle of this stuff & brought it to Ryan's rehearsal dinner last Thursday. It's fantastic. It's Rangpur lime-infused gin. Now, I don't know what a Rangpur lime is, but I sure do like this gin. Gin, for me, needs more of a citrus kick. Like a lemon slice, instead of a twist, in a gin martini. This gin has that w/o the addition of extra fruit. I think I knocked down two strong gin and tonics that night, and if I wake up later, I might head out to buy another bottle for myself.

ALL CAPS - Madvillian

This video is why I like the man known as MF Doom.

New Avengers #31

Now, it's not the cover that's the big deal. It's the pages that follow. We nerds joke about comic book revelations/happenings that "crack the internet in half." This issue of Marvel Comics' New Avengers has all the nerds in heated debate, leaving most hardcore nerds with the feeling that the interweb has been split in two. I wasn't too into this title, but I've been buying it since the first issue. The story arcs have been from silly to serious, good to just plain terrible. This current arc has kept my attention, but this issue in particular left a crazy reveal that makes me want to go back and read this one from issue #1. That, to me is the sign of a great comic. When something happens to make you want to reread the whole thing, it's great. It's why I read the comics I do.

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