In a Nutshell: Last week

Saturday night close manage.
Sunday morning open manage.
Sunday night, goodbye to Paolo.
Then to local bar to shoot pool.
Then to TGIFridays, get tanked w/ coworkers.
Go home.
Monday night close manage.
Tuesday morning Aikido.
Tuesday lunch eat pho at Sensei's
Tuesday night close manage.
Wednesday morning server train.
Trainee was a no show.
Wednesday night lessons.
Thursday off until lessons.
Then out with Chris & Eric.
Friday morning Aikido.
Then to lunch for bun bo xao.
Friday night serve.
Then to Tumbleweeds, goodbye to Dave for a couple months.
Saw Mike (old Tyrants drummer) and talked about renting a room from him.
Saturday morning errands.
Saturday night close manage.
Today, poker & TV ALL DAY!

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P. said...

Thanks again by the way for coming out and saying bye. I appreciate it.