It's 10p on Friday night, and I am home.

I feel lame for being home, but at least I can pin it on this little throat infection I've got. I went to see my favorite doc today. One of my trombone students is a semi-retired ear/nose/throat doc, and he's nice enough to see me whenever I'm having an issue with any of those areas. He said I'm on the mend, and if this were ancient (pre-medicine) times, I'd have no issue healing on my own. I have the energy to go out, drink, and socialize, but the last thing I want to do is fuck up my meds. My 1000mg of antibiotics I have to take 2x daily. Or to be out in the cold, and fuck up my throat for another week. Ryan's wedding is next Saturday, and I gotta be in good shape for that. At least I have SNES & ice cream tonight.

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DavePress said...

yeah i did that last night too. And it was my buddy's birthday so I didn't make it out. Too tired, and working. For whatever reason I ended up watching some Lindsay Lohan Shenanigans on VH1. No, I was not stoned.