The Pierced Ears Story:

I've been talking about getting my ears pierced for a while. I've been wanting to do it, but I've always been too chicken, or the timing hasn't been right. A month or so ago, I was hanging with a girl I've been hanging with lately, and she said she wanted to get her nose pierced. I said if she got her nose done that day, I'd get my ears pierced with her. My deal was that I felt I needed a little peer pressure to motivate me to get it done. We played this game of I'd ask her to go and she couldn't, she'd ask me to go & I couldn't, ad infinitum. Our schedules never lined up. I had time the week of Ryan's wedding, but I didn't want to in case there was a problem healing & they looked bad in the wedding pics.

This cat I work with got his ears pierced & they looked good, so I wanted to go to his place. He went to Tommy T's in Huntington Beach. I told myself this week that I'd go there on Wednesday, since I had the afternoon off from lessons and no real plans after work. I got to Tommy T's and it all was kind of a whirlwind. The sales guy was pretty cut & dry. "Hey man, how's it going? What can we do for you today?" I told him I wanted to get my ears pierced, and he asked if I wanted plugs. Well, I did. I'm not looking to stretch them out too much, but if for some reason I have the chance, I will. The plugs he directed me toward were plain black. I asked him at what size I'd start at, and he said "looks like 8 gauge." I've read online that gauged piercings start at 12, maybe 10. I was surprised to hear I'd be starting with an 8 gauge. That's where I wanted to get to, so it sounded good to just start there. He grabbed the plugs from the case, I checked them out & I said "lets go." $103.50 later, and my plugs were in a little autoclave bag, ready for sterilization.

I was amped when I first got there. Now I had to wait the 20 minutes for the autoclave & for the piercer to get the room ready. That's when my nerves started to set in. I tried to read, but the music was too loud. A girl getting pierced after me struck up a conversation, which helped a little with my nerves. The piercer, Lucy, called me in. Nice girl. Head full of metal. Her look was intimidating. Going through the motions of cleaning my earlobes, she tried to help me relax. Made me spit my gum out. I asked her how much it would hurt, and she said it depends. I asked her if I have to worry about bleeding, and she said that there may be some, but I shouldn't worry that much about it. That's when I turned & saw the 8ga needle (second from the left). I thought there's no fucking way that's going in my ear. She said I'd be fine. She marked target marks and clamped my right ear down.

I can only assume she was gentle, but that goddamn needle hurt like a bitch. I had heard from the guy I work with that it would feel like a pinch, then nothing. He must've had the 16ga needle. I told Lucy just how much it hurt, but that afterward, it wasn't that bad. She got the plug in & moved the clamp to the left ear. Now that I've done one ear, the other shouldn't be any issue, right? I relaxed, she pierced me, and the shit hurt 5x worse than the other ear. Once she got the jewelry in, she saw my right ear was bleeding and cleaned it up. It stopped right away. She explained the aftercare process to me, and I was on my way. I checked it out in the mirror, left a tip, and went on my way a happy boy.

I'm at the end of day 2, and I've got another 4 weeks before I'm all healed up. I've shown off to Chris & Eric, and I got the thumbs up from those guys. I think my brother digs it, and my dad probably thinks I'm stupid. My mom hasn't seen it yet. My boss hasn't seen it yet, either. Tomorrow will be the first day I'll wear it to work. We'll see how it goes over at the Z. It shouldn't be a problem. I won't be the only guy with pierced ears.

So, loyal fans, what's the verdict?

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P. said...

Looks good man, they look real good. I didn't even know you could start out with plugs. Ouch.