Orange 50/50

That's what I feel like right now. Kinda good/kinda not. It's 1a and I'm home, drinking beer, after a long (but awesome) weekend, a rough workout this morning, and just getting home from work half an hour ago.

There are good things shaping up right now. It looks like I might be (finally!) getting a place. More on that as I find things out. Something happened today at work that I'm very excited about. It's like watching a sinking ship that's caused nothing but misery drift to it's watery grave. Only, this sinking ship is trying to take me down with it. My foot is caught in the mooring line, and it's out of my hands to do anything about it. Either way, I'll blog about as much as I can when the situation is resolved completely.

As for the 'kinda not,' I've got the blues right about now. Big time. Came on Sunday afternoon, and it's still going strong. The work issues, the getting hit in the face this morning. The emotional riptide that's been pulling me in over the last few days. I need a break. A change of scenery. Or at least a good night's sleep. No work in the morning. Maybe I can get that tonight.

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