We had some shitty guests in last night. They were so disappointed in their experience, that they emailed about their bad experience right away. In that email, I was personally attacked and insulted. I've felt a little like shit because of it. Not because I didn't do a good job, but because the couple in question were so petty in their words. I have no recourse, since I want to keep my job. And in the reply email, my boss did very little to defend me. Well, maybe it's petty of me, but I want revenge. I have their email address. I'm signing them up for all the spam I can find. And I'll spend the better part of the week doing it. Maybe it'll be obvious that it's in retaliation to their rudeness. I don't care. At least I feel somewhat vindicated.

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P. said...

Send your boss some spam while you're at it.