Enjoying my apartment.

Tonight is the first night since I've moved in that I have no plans. I'm usually at work or trying to be social when I have the night off. I worked a long shift today & tonight no one's called, and that's fine by me. I just made my first real meal here (not counting ramen & PB&J), I got the "OK" from Mike to smoke my pipe in the apartment & there's the matter of that 2/3 bottle of cabernet sauvignon I yoinked received from work last night. So I'm full of food, lying on my couch, blogging, smoking, drinking a smooth fucking cab, and listening to some Mingus.

I'm still uploading my Con pics. I'm still formulating some blogs, too. I've got a fair amount of stories coming. But here's the nutshell version of my weekend.

hot dogs
new fedora
Wil Wheaton
Slave Leia(s)
Suicide Girls
Buca di Beppo w/ Caballeros
Marvel Comics Party w/ Caballeros
The evil eye from Warren Ellis
Suicide Girls
Lime w/ Caballeros (year 3)
Marvel Comics Party w/ Caballeros, again
Late-Nite Rick shaw ride
Suicide Girls
Go home.

Pics will come SOON!


Gone to Comic Con '07

I'll be off the grid until Sunday. SDCC beckons. Those of you that are coming, I'll see you there. Those that can't, be jealous.


Hot Damn!

Saw, for the second time, Phil Shane tonight. Just like last time, it was a good show, with interesting stories to follow. I won't share the specifics, but Eric, Jonny, & Jon's friend Jason are crashing here tonight. He's great. Phil Shane is. If you ever get a chance to witness the "one man legend," do yourself a favor. Just take it easy on the drinks. I just realized I left my card there, btw. 4 woodford reserve manhattans will do that to you. Especially after 4 MGDs at the house. So that's my deal. I gotta go. More to come.


I want to ride my...

I finally tracked down what the deal with my bike is. For those that don't know, I ordered a bike on July 3rd, a beach cruiser, actually. Actually, it's this bike. The guy who builds the bikes for EvilEds.com was out of the country when I ordered. Apparently, he's back and yes, he has one (and only one) of my bikes in stock. I spoke to Evil Ed directly this morning. Evil Ed said he'll ship it out today & I'll get it Monday, which'll give me exactly zero free time to ride it until after Comic Con.


Guess who has his own internet now!

The Time-Warner guy just left, leaving me with cable TV, high-speed internet, & an $85 monthly bill for 'em both. But now I feel moved in, on my own couch (re: mike's couch) on my computer, on MY internet! Expect pics.



It's official! Today's my first day out, just finished moving (nearly) everything, including the king sized bed I've had in storage. I've got a roommate, Mike from the Smiling Tyrants, and we both have too much shit. We're in Costa Mesa, near the end of the 55. If anyone wants my address, I'm happy to give it out. You just have to use it by coming over & hanging out. Plenty of street parking, btw. Pics to come.


Also, I've glommed onto a neighbor's wifi. If you're reading this, I'm sorry. I'm a net junkie. I'm calling on cable interwebs on Monday. I promise.


I Hurt. So. Bad.

I'm not sure what I did in Aikido today, but my back is fucking killing me. I think I went a little crazy with my diving forward rolls today. I didn't know you could throw out your upper back, but I sure as hell did it. It hurts to do anything. It's comfortable to just slouch, but it hurts to go upright from it. It's great to lie down, but I want to sit up and read. I'm not tired, either. I was gonna take some more ibuprofen, but I've been drinking... that's never stopped me before, tho. On the upside, I advanced in rank today. I'm now Blue Belt with One Stripe.

Also, I lost the O-ring on the back of my left-side piercing. I hope it stays in while I'm sleeping.


Hey Jeff! What'd you do all day?

I drank. All day. Did a little shopping, too. That's what prompted the all-day drinking. Bought some slacks, tho. Went home. Drank more, & hit the taqueria w/ Eric & Chris. Had some cabeza tacos. Yes, cabeza. Then we had some cigars & drank more. I'm tired.


Who I (apparently) look like.

within the last few weeks, I've been told I look like two international celebrities. By "international," I mean celebrities in countries other than the US. We had guests tonight who said I looked like Rolf Harris. He's an Australian-born actor/entertainer. I guess I look like he did in his younger days, with the glasses & beard and all. I dunno how much of a complement it is to be compared to this guy, but it's all good. I've tried to find a young picture of the guy (he's 77, after all), and this is all I could find:

I've been guilty of making that face, btw. And in case you've never seen him (I hadn't until I found this video), here you go.

And the other "celebrity" is a character from the Univision telenovela, "La Fea Más Bella," named "Tomás." This is the show that was made into "Ugly Betty" for US audiences. The cooks have been calling me "Tommy," because of my "likeness" to "Tomy" from the show. I swear. You wear glasses & you look like every other person glasses.


Guess who gets the shaft today?

I do. I got stuck with the rookie managing shift tonight, which means I have to close the restaurant. And I can't close early. So I'm stuck til at least 11. If anyone has late plans, call me!

"Autobots, Roll Out!"

Jonny & I just caught Transformers w/ a bunch of his friends. It's fucking awesome. Anyone who wants to see it, I'll gladly go a second time. This movie didn't fuck around. Action. Comedy. Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime. It had everything a 6 year old like me could ever hope for.


"Ay mamá, ¿qué pasó?"

I had a sweet day today. I met someone awesome for lunch & we did a little shopping @ the Spectrum. I'll try to get some pics up when I have a chance to wear some of the clothes I bought. My shift was pretty good behind the bar. It was my last one (for a while). I'm gonna be managing Sunday nights from now on, because I'm the bar-inventory guy. My MySpace blew up (for once), so that was nice. I read a chapter in Yiddish Policeman's Union, and now I'm listening to what I've been craving for a couple weeks now; a little Buena Vista Social Club.