Enjoying my apartment.

Tonight is the first night since I've moved in that I have no plans. I'm usually at work or trying to be social when I have the night off. I worked a long shift today & tonight no one's called, and that's fine by me. I just made my first real meal here (not counting ramen & PB&J), I got the "OK" from Mike to smoke my pipe in the apartment & there's the matter of that 2/3 bottle of cabernet sauvignon I yoinked received from work last night. So I'm full of food, lying on my couch, blogging, smoking, drinking a smooth fucking cab, and listening to some Mingus.

I'm still uploading my Con pics. I'm still formulating some blogs, too. I've got a fair amount of stories coming. But here's the nutshell version of my weekend.

hot dogs
new fedora
Wil Wheaton
Slave Leia(s)
Suicide Girls
Buca di Beppo w/ Caballeros
Marvel Comics Party w/ Caballeros
The evil eye from Warren Ellis
Suicide Girls
Lime w/ Caballeros (year 3)
Marvel Comics Party w/ Caballeros, again
Late-Nite Rick shaw ride
Suicide Girls
Go home.

Pics will come SOON!

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DavePress said...

dude, hurry up with that shit, I wanna live vicariously through you guys. Don't tell me Mr. Cebulski was kind enough to drag you West Coast guys over to the Marvel party? He's awesome.