I Hurt. So. Bad.

I'm not sure what I did in Aikido today, but my back is fucking killing me. I think I went a little crazy with my diving forward rolls today. I didn't know you could throw out your upper back, but I sure as hell did it. It hurts to do anything. It's comfortable to just slouch, but it hurts to go upright from it. It's great to lie down, but I want to sit up and read. I'm not tired, either. I was gonna take some more ibuprofen, but I've been drinking... that's never stopped me before, tho. On the upside, I advanced in rank today. I'm now Blue Belt with One Stripe.

Also, I lost the O-ring on the back of my left-side piercing. I hope it stays in while I'm sleeping.

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DavePress said...

Awesome! Nice job, dude. (I mean the advancing of the rank). Try getting some mineral ice (or Icy/Hot), and rub it on your back. Maybe that'll do something, but it's more for aches and pains rather than real injuries like a thrown out back. Though that never stops me I always throw it on if anything aches me like that. At my new job, we have a aikido dojo in my building. I've been thinking about checking it out...