Who I (apparently) look like.

within the last few weeks, I've been told I look like two international celebrities. By "international," I mean celebrities in countries other than the US. We had guests tonight who said I looked like Rolf Harris. He's an Australian-born actor/entertainer. I guess I look like he did in his younger days, with the glasses & beard and all. I dunno how much of a complement it is to be compared to this guy, but it's all good. I've tried to find a young picture of the guy (he's 77, after all), and this is all I could find:

I've been guilty of making that face, btw. And in case you've never seen him (I hadn't until I found this video), here you go.

And the other "celebrity" is a character from the Univision telenovela, "La Fea Más Bella," named "Tomás." This is the show that was made into "Ugly Betty" for US audiences. The cooks have been calling me "Tommy," because of my "likeness" to "Tomy" from the show. I swear. You wear glasses & you look like every other person glasses.

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P. said...

Tomas not so much, but Rolf Harris is a definite match. I'd take it as a compliment- it's better that people notice you and make connections with others then nothing at all I guess. At least you're remembered.