I'm home from the Harp, somewhat intoxicated (but I walked, so there), and I'm feelin' pretty awesome for my first couple hours of being 27. Tomorrow should be fun. I'm off work. Also off Friday & Saturday. Can't beat that. Now my only concern before going to bed is what time the neighbors' cats or dogs will wake me up with their yelping. The dog today yelped from 8a (which is when I woke up. It might've started earlier.) to 140, when I left for work. It's not so bad with the window closed, but I like to sleep with the shit open & the ceiling fan on low. We'll see. I'll blog. It'll be good.

Tomorrow = Dinner w/ the parents (I think) & Phil Shane @ night. Should be a blasty blast. Anyone that wants to join (post-dinner) need only to call yours truly.


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