(¡MORE!) Birthday pics are up!

From last night! Thanks again to everyone that came out. Especially Hung, who's too punctual for his own good. Sorry for being late!

The Photoset

Hot Damn!

Chris, Eric & I

Ryan, getting frisky

The One Man Legend & The X

(¡MORE!) And here's a couple from Friday, all up on Flickr:

Jonny, Me & Mike

Look how much fun I'm having!!


P. said...

I love seeing smiling faces. Glad you had a good one... I'm gonna have to post up my Phil Shane pic!

Joey JP said...

i must say... Elvis looks helluva lot like Fred Willard...

JeffX said...

If you ever see him, he looks like a cross between Elvis & Wolverine. "Elverine," my brother calls him.