I wrote this last night:

I've been feeling pretty lame since Sunday. Yesterday. Maybe I'm just coming down off my weekend. The 3-Day birthday was awesome, had the self esteem up pretty high. Drank, saw Phil Shane, saw Superbad (which is fucking awesome). Bought & watched Bubba Ho-Tep. Bought & played Guitar Hero 2. Bought a new phone, too. Drank some more. Then back to the grind last night. Liquor inventory. Trying to keep my shift under 9 hours so I can make it out for a couple Guinness before bed. Manager meeting today @ 3, then out after just after midnight. I lost my coherence on the shift. Got "fuzzy." It's when I lock it into auto-pilot because I can't think or see clearly. I let my hands go where they need to go, I talk to who I need to talk to, I get my job done, but it's just going through the motions. EVERY shift was like that before I quit the first time, 3 years ago. I wasn't the boss then. I am now. I hope it's not happening again. Of course distraction seems to be the noun on my mind these days. I'm working on getting focused. I'm trying to get all my lil' ducks in a lil' row...

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