im in ther house stealin ther luv!!1!

Just now, a neighbor's cat (the one who was whining two mornings ago @ 6a) infiltrated our house and tried to get comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a cat in the house. Mostly to give me an excuse to take pictures & turn them into cat macros. Plus, it'd give me the chance to say "now we have some pussy in the house." Which, if you know me, would make my day every time I said it. But between the cost of care & feeding, and the fact that I wear dark wool slacks for work, it'd be stupid to go back to the world of sticky rollers & vacuuming the couch all the time. And the litter box... no thanks.


Marques Lyons said...

Hey, I have a cat. It's not that bad.

JeffX said...

We always had a cat at my parents' house. I love 'em, but I'm not ready to take care of one in my own place.

Marques Lyons said...

But we're in agreement on that litter box thing.. that thing can fricken stink a room up! Cat doesn't care because we have to clean up his shit anyway.