"Jeffrey, you match a description..."

Tonight's been n interesting night. I encountered some lame MySpace drama & left my place to get drunk. Here's my story:

I walked to my new favorite bar, The Harp Inn in Costa Mesa, and there's a drunk Irishman at the bar. I ordered a shot of bushmills, he recommended tullamore dew, which I was more than happy to try. it was great, by the way. We talked of his new dog and his previously dead dog. His divorce and his new girlfriend. He wanted to know if he should go to her place, drunk off his motherfucking ass at 2a when the bar closed. The bartender & I said "no." I gave some pretty strong arguments why he shouldn't go & the bartender agreed (I can be pretty smart sometimes). He listened to reason (barely) & took a cab to his place (as far as I know).

On my walk home, I was stopped by Costa Mesa PD. My first time stopped while walking home. Thought they were gonna hit me for public intox or something (cause I was in no condition to drive), when the officer first on the scene started interrogating me. I asked him what this was about & whatever help he needed from me, I was happy to comply. Apparently, there was a guy who caused some shit at a bar near to where I was & I matched his description. Well, 15 minutes, a pat down, a barrage of questions, 5 cop cars & a helicopter, and an assload of bright lights later, and I was cleared to go. They took my address, my phone #, my pertinent info, etc. One of them even asked me about my shoes, which I was more than happy to tell him about. He thought they were Vans. They're Pumas. I even told him where to buy 'em. Not bad for 3 Guinness & a shot of whisky in the 45 minutes before close.

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Marques Lyons said...

Wow, what an interesting evening there, Jeffrey. Are you gonna tell us about the Myspace drama though. We're so on edge to know... :P