Looking for a new fedora...

Ok. It's 215 & I'm fresh off a walk from the Goat Hill Tavern back to my place. Full off a pitcher of Murphy's Irish Stout, Fiona Apple is on, and there's just one thing on my mind. I want a new fedora. And I want it by the 16th. My Birthday. I've got grand designs that night. Designs that only a fucking hip new fedora will complete. I've been looking on all the hat sites today, on Amazon, on eBay, and I'm not seeing much. There have been a few hip ones, but it seems the more hip it is, the more expensive it is.

What I'm looking for is a brownish fedora, maybe straw, maybe porkpie style, shallow or stingy brim (2 1/4" or less). Less than $100. Preferably less than $50. Here's my dream hat. It's only $195.

If anyone happens to see a fedora matching this description that looks cool, drop me a line or a link & I'll take a look.

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