Just now, in one fell swoop, I managed to knock the little rubber rings off the back of both my piercings, make both bleed, and pull one (the right one) completely through the hole. Fucking T-shirts.


Marques Lyons said...

Hey, Jeff. Where the hell have you been? I didn't think you had a blog on this thing. Now us trombone players can stick together... well my blog isn't necessarily about trombone playing, but I may include a post or two in there about it, haha.

barbie said...

this is what you want...


internally threaded double flare tunnels (or plugs). all the stayputedness of double-flared plugs/tunnels without those damn rings that always always get lost, and without the strain to your virgin ears from one-piece double-flares. no more earrings falling out when they inevitably get bumped or brushed. this is the guy i've bought mine from, he's pretty reliable and he's got a bunch of colors.