This week, at large.

I always have good bloggings in mind, until I sit in front of the comp to write it all out. Then zip! Gone. We'll see if I can make some sense.

First thing's first. Those concerned about my medical malady, don't worry. I'm getting better all the time. For those that don't know, it's time to reveal: Last Saturday, I discovered a mystery pain in my right testicle. No joke. I got it checked out, diagnosed, and I'm in the healing process. Without going into too much detail, it's ending up not being as big a deal as it sounds (I went a solid week completely freaking out, btw). Bottom line: I'm healthy, I've got two balls, and I'm clean (not that I get that dirty these days). It just sucks to walk for any extended period of time right now.

I made a new friend this week. We talked of lucid dreaming & pancakes, and she explained how to train your brain into making it happen (lucid dreaming, not pancakes). I've been trying to do what she's told me during my conscious time, but I lose track of it when I work. Did 9 hours at work tonight & completely forgot about lucid dreaming. I don't think you'll ever read this, but if you are reading right now, I'm trying, I swear.

Chris & I went to a used book store in Anaheim that's closing down. We bought some shit. I got a few Chess books, an anthology of Thoreau's works, a little paperback of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian (vol. 1), & a Harvard Dictionary of Music (I've never owned a music dictionary before).

I served for the first time in months Friday night. Had a kick ass night. I'm a really fucking good server. Went & saw Phil Shane after work, and seeing him is always a good time. It had only been a week since the last time. I think I'm a Phil Shane addict now. Might be time to join the fan club. Might be time to drive out to State Line & see him at Whiskey Pete's.

Yesterday (Saturday), I had the day off. Did some shopping, for food & not-food. I'm trying my damnedest to buy food to make at home, instead of the late night/early morning drive-thru runs (tho In & Out is ok). I was convinced to hit the frozen foods aisle @ Trader Joe's. Also, I've been buying soy milk instead of regular milk. I'm not sure why, but milk skeeves me out lately. However, chocolate milk still sounds delectable to me. If I weren't drinking beer, I'd have some right now. I might just have to finish my beer...

Went to Best Buy & bought Murs' newest album, Murray's Revenge, and the Dr. Strange animated movie and watched it under the influence. I need to watch it again. It made no sense to me, and I lurve Doc Strange. The Murs album is fucking amazing, by the way. For more Dr. Strange goodness, read Dr. Strange: The Oath by my favorite guy, Brian K. Vaughan & Marcos Martin.

Today, I spent my pre-work time reading. I'm nearly done with Yiddish Policemen's Union (it's getting done before sleep tonight). I also poured over some comics. Green Lantern comics. The current arc is incredible. All my years loving Green Lantern comics have not been in vain. Head to your LCS Today! & read it, or trade-wait, whenever that happens. It's the Sinestro Corps arc. C'mon, let your inner nerd out once in a while.

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barbie said...

soy milk AND lucid dreaming? you hippie, you. when'd this happen?